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Korean Air Lines Flight 007 events

Flight 007
Route to catastrophe

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 theories

Spy flight
Cannon fodder theory
Technical errors

Korean Air Lines Flight 007

Cannon fodder theory

There is theory that KAL 007 wasn’t a mistake, but intentional operation of American airforce. It is sometimes called "ferret mission" from the tactics used by the American airforce in Vietnam to destroy enemy air defence installations - one plane (called ferret) was flying in risky way to trigger the enemy air defence to attack, while the second plane would take advance of the activity of enemy radar stations to attack them with missiles.

In that theory US wanted to try how would Soviets react to penetration of their airspace (if they would activate their missiles, send interceptors or just escort the intruder). Since KAL 007 was passenger plane they could have assumed that Soviets would not attack it.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • American reconnaissance plane Boeing RC-135 with powerful radar was present in the area, but did not warn KAL 007 about the danger (if they did tracked that flight),
  • the incident took place when Russian radar system was inoperative due to damage (Americans could have make use of such opportunity when Russians were partly blind),
  • no one of the American civil or military air control and radar service warned KAL 007 about their deadly course,
  • on the day of incident Russians were planning a test of their missile defence system.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • it would take a psychopath to risk lives of 269 civilians (including 62 Americans) just to test Russian defence system (which is not impossible, just unlikely),
  • according to voice recordings from the crew retrieved from flight recorders suggest that they were unaware of their real position inside the Soviet airspace.


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