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Korean Air Lines Flight 007 events

Flight 007
Route to catastrophe

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 theories

Spy flight
Cannon fodder theory
Technical errors

Korean Air Lines Flight 007

Spy flight

Spy flight theory assumes that KAL 007 wasn’t in fact passenger flight, but empty Boeing plane that was pretending to be KAL 007, probably with installed military equipment to provide more data from the flight.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • no bodies were recovered from the wreck (although they could have been removed by Russians),
  • none of the civilian or military sources warned the plane about their dangerous route,
  • American reconnaissance plane Boeing RC-135 developed to help infiltrate the Soviet defence system was present in the area, but did not warn KAL 007 about the danger (if they did tracked that flight),
  • the flight was exact realization of scenario that Soviets were expecting from Americans: the nuclear sneak attack,
  • in March 1983 during FleetEx’83 fleet exercise American planes were flying into Soviet airspace numerous times,
  • on the day of incident Russians were planning a test of their missile defence system.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • according to voice recordings from the crew retrieved from flight recorders suggest that they were unaware of their real position inside the Soviet airspace,
  • if plane was empty what happened to the 246 passengers?


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