Lost (2004, United States)

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Lost  2004 mystery movie

Running time: 5900 minutes

Language: English / Spanish / Korean / French

Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes on an island in the middle of Pacific. Group of survivors soon realize that they may be forced to spend some time on this piece of land since most probably the pilot was unable to send the distract call, so no one could easily find them. Among them there are ordinary people - a doctor, a cartoon box salesman, Korean couple, musician, pregnant young woman, brother and sister... During they adaptation to new reality in sereies of flashbacks we see the events that led them to be aboard this particular plane and we also find that none of them is actually that ordinary as it seems. Surrounded by jungle they have to find the way to survive, but soon they discover that they are not alone on the island - someone or something is making terrifying noises and some creature that they can’t see is able to knock down even the biggest trees around. Soon they also pick up some strange message over radio that seems to be played in the loop, not to mention that in the middle of the island they have found a metal hatch hidden beneath the bushes. Everything around them seem to be hostile and soon the atmosphere begins to influence them as well.

Mystery TV series built similiar to classic "Twin Peaks", where each week a small piece of mystery is added to previous ones and the whole plote is more and more complexed. In a way both, "Lost" and "Twin Peaks", are icons of the genre - both were huge hits during premiere run and both gathered a lot of popularity. Unfortunately, again in both cases, the creators forgot that the mystery simply can’t go forever and after a while it just wears off. In case of "Lost" it was in season 3 that the series begun to lose audience and to be honest not without a reason - piling up mysteries mixed with longer and less interesting flashbacks resulted in the series losing almost half of the original audience.

Overall a brilliant idea that was stretched for far, far, far too long and the mystery series ended up with huge build up that nothing would be able to deliver. Which was a shame.

Can you solve a mystery like this one?

Our rating

8 / 10

Movie value

8 / 10

Realism factor

5 / 5

Adventure factor

5 / 5

Story complexity

4 / 5


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Creators of Lost

J.J. Abrams films


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Cast of Lost

Matthew Fox films

Matthew Fox

as Jack Shephard

Evangeline Lilly films

Evangeline Lilly

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Jorge Garcia films

Jorge Garcia

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Josh Holloway films

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