Lucia de B. (2014, Netherlands)

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Lucia de B.  2014 mystery movie

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: Dutch

Young woman Judith Jansen starts her job as prosecutor assistant and her first case is investigation in death of a infant in one of the hospitals. The doctor put in the documentation that the baby was stable, but half an hour later the baby is dead while being under the care of one nurse - Lucia de Berk. While the prosecutor gathers the informations the hospital manager points out that this is not the first time that child dies while under the care of Lucia and from statistical point of view it seems impossible that this could be coincidence. De Berk is soon arrested and put to trial. The evidence against her are very slim - the suspision that she might have given the child medications that caused death, the grim past of Lucia (while teenager she was forced to prostitution by her mother), ambiguous entries in her diary and the fact that she had books about serial killers. Nevertheless she is found guilty of at least five murders of infants that were under her care. The prosecutor is happy with the result, but new informations that Judith have gatheres makes here believe that Lucia might be in fact innocent. Unfortunately her superiors don’t want to reopen the case...

Film based on true story of Dutch nurse that was convinced of several murders and sent to life imprisonment even though there were no direct evidence of her guilt. The movie shows her battle against the justicy system. Well made drama shows how helpless we can be against the ill will of the people with power.

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Our rating

6.4 / 10

Movie value

8 / 10

Realism factor

5 / 5

Adventure factor

1 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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Watch Lucia de B.

watch Lucia de B.

Creators of Lucia de B.

Paula van der Oest films

Paula van der Oest


Moniek Kramer films

Moniek Kramer


Tijs van Marle films

Tijs van Marle


Cast of Lucia de B.

Ariane Schluter films

Ariane Schluter

as Lucia de Berk

Sallie Harmsen films

Sallie Harmsen

as Judith Jansen

Annet Malherbe films

Annet Malherbe

as Ernestine Johansson

Bas Keijzer films

Bas Keijzer

as Peter

Fedja van Huet films

Fedja van Huet

as Quirijn Herzberg

Isis Cabolet films

Isis Cabolet

as Fabiënne

Barry Atsma films

Barry Atsma

as Jaap van Hoensbroeck

Marcel Musters films

Marcel Musters

as Detective Henk Bos

Marwan Kenzari films

Marwan Kenzari

as Detective Ron Leeflang

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