Man from Reno (2014, United States)

police investigation

Man from Reno  2014 mystery movie

Running time: 110 minutes

Language: English

In a small town near San Francisco local sheriff, Paul Del Moral, accidentally hits a pedestrian while driving in the fog. The man, of Japanese origin, is taken by ambulance, but before he could be interviewed he just disappears from hospital. Famous Japanese mystery author Aki Akahori arrives to San Francisco to get away from publicity when her new book is published. She begins a romantic affair with a mysterious Akira, young man from Reno, who she met in the hotel. Akira disappears and strange men begin to follow Aki. Soon fate will cross the ways of her and sheriff Del Moral.

Mystery movie with interesting prelude that quickly fades away and all is left is just average story told in uninteresting way with low pace and poorly developed characters.

Do you like brain-teasers?

Our rating

4.8 / 10

Movie value

3 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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watch Man from Reno

Creators of Man from Reno

Dave Boyle films

Dave Boyle


Dave Boyle films

Dave Boyle


Joel Clark films

Joel Clark


Michael Lerman films

Michael Lerman


Cast of Man from Reno

Ayako Fujitani films

Ayako Fujitani

as Aki

Kazuki Kitamura films

Kazuki Kitamura

as Akira

Pepe Serna films

Pepe Serna

as Paul Del Moral

Yasuyo Shiba films

Yasuyo Shiba

as Junko

Hiroshi Watanabe films

Hiroshi Watanabe

as Hitoshi

Tetsuo Kuramochi films

Tetsuo Kuramochi

as Shinsuke

Yuki Matsuzaki films

Yuki Matsuzaki

as Tsubasa

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