Murders in Rouen (2014, France)

Original title: Meurtres a Rouen

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Murders in Rouen Meurtres a Rouen 2014 mystery movie

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: French

Locations: the story takes place in RouenUpper NormandyFrance

Captain Didier Mege returns to his hometown, Rouen. Even though his father and brother still live here he did not chose to be transfered here - after a scandal in which he did not give in to pressure from superiors and decided to stick to the rules he was demoted and sent here as part of his punishment. On the day he arrived murder was commited near the Rouen Cathedral - a man was found dead on the grass near the cathedral and it seems he fell from one of the platforms on the roofs. Mege takes over the investigation, but at the same time tries to find a way to visit his estranged father, who never forgave him for not taking the family business - stained glass workshop.

While observing the crime scene Mege notices that the body was moved and posed to look similar to something he knows well. It takes him some time, but he finally finds what the pose looks like - on one of the stained glass images made by his father the figure of Jesus is in exactly the same pose. Local policemen let journalist into the cathedral, but Mege opposes them strongly. Next day that journalist receives an anonymous letter that seems to be written by person, who pushed the victim from the roof. Also door-to-door checks reveal that during the night people from buildings nearby the cathedral heard the scream of a woman.

French TV mystery movie about policemen returning to his hometown and during the murder investigation trying to stay focus on his professional duties while the case is inevitably moving towards his personal life and past of his family. Set in impressive surrounding of Rouen and escpecially the famous cathedral the movie fails to keep the viewer interesting - the script is rather chaotic, characters superficial and whole thing seem completely unrealistic and too slow.

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Our rating

4.4 / 10

Movie value

3 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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Creators of Murders in Rouen

Christian Bonnet films

Christian Bonnet


Frederic Petitjean films

Frederic Petitjean


Cast of Murders in Rouen

Frederic Diefenthal films

Frederic Diefenthal

as Captain Didier Mege

Isabel Otero films

Isabel Otero

as Eva Chene

Natalia Dontcheva films

Natalia Dontcheva

as Jeanne

Saida Jawad films

Saida Jawad

as Leïla

Francois Levantal films

Francois Levantal

as Francois

Mathilde Lebrequier films

Mathilde Lebrequier

as Marianne

Pierre Vernier films

Pierre Vernier

as Dominique Mege

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