Saw (2004, United States)

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Saw  2004 mystery movie

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: English

Two men wake up in what looks like dirty and deserted baths, they both are chained to pipes on opposite sides of the room. Dead body lies between them with headwound and gun in the hand. At first they can’t recall how they got here or why, but soon they find that the room is under surveilance from serial killer known as Jigsaw, who enjoys forcing people to go to extreme measures to save their own lives.

Mystery movie that was instant success and started the list of sequels. Intense atmosphere and complexed plot made this a classic. Pity the cretors went on and created so many so poor quality sequels that were far, far from the level of the original.

Do you have what it takes to solve a case like this?

Our rating

7.6 / 10

Movie value

8 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Story complexity

5 / 5

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Creators of Saw

James Wan films

James Wan


Leigh Whannell films

Leigh Whannell


James Wan films

James Wan


Cast of Saw

Leigh Whannell films

Leigh Whannell

as Adam Faulkner-Stanheight

Cary Elwes films

Cary Elwes

as Dr. Lawrence Gordon

Danny Glover films

Danny Glover

as Detective David Tapp

Michael Emerson films

Michael Emerson

as Zep Hindle

Shawnee Smith films

Shawnee Smith

as Amanda

Dina Meyer films

Dina Meyer

as Kerry

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