The Black Box (2005, France)

Original title: La bote noire

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Running time: 90 minutes

Language: French

Arthur Seligman wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Slowly he regains grasp of reality until the nurse that took care of him tells him that during his stay he was constantly talking incoherent words and she wrote some of them. This brings him back to strange state he was in before waking up. The words that nurse wrote down are mysterious "RP 50", "she raped me", "he tries to kill me", "he wants his revenge". When he tries to check out of the hospital he discovers that he isn’t in Paris, as he thought, and he can’t remember how and why did he traveled to a different city. After returning home he visits his brother, but it turns out that his brother is missing.

Film with dark overtone and wonderfully complexed plot. Together with the main character we try to figure out what happened before he had accident and is what he sees a dream or reality. Great cast, well made film, definately worth to see.

Do you have what it takes to solve a case like this?

Our rating

6.8 / 10

Movie value

7 / 10

Realism factor

2 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Story complexity

5 / 5

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watch The Black Box

Creators of The Black Box

Richard Berry films

Richard Berry


Eric Assous films

Eric Assous


Tonino Benacquista films

Tonino Benacquista


Cast of The Black Box

Jose Garcia films

Jose Garcia

as Arthur Seligman

Marion Cotillard films

Marion Cotillard

as Isabelle

Michel Duchaussoy films

Michel Duchaussoy

as M. Seligman

Bernard Le Coq films

Bernard Le Coq

as Granger

Helena Noguerra films

Helena Noguerra

as Soraya

Gerald Laroche films

Gerald Laroche

as Koskas

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