The Ghost Train (1941, United Kingdom)

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The Ghost Train  1941 mystery movie

Running time: 85 minutes

Language: English

In British countryside during World War 2 a train heading for Truro suddenly makes a emergency stop. The conductor spots the guilty part - a funny looking man, who runs down the tracks looking for his hat. As it turns out it is a comedian Tommy Gander on the way to tournee in vaudeville halls. After he retrieved his possession he barely avoids being severely fined by the conductor. Late in the evening the train reaches Fal Vale Junction in Cornwall, where 8 of the passengers, including Gander, disembark train to catch a connection to Truro. The place looks deserted, but the stationmaster, who came to close the station for the night, informs them that the train they were suppose to catch has already left and next one will arrive in 9 hours. Now the passengers realize how damaging the unplanned stop was. With no other alternative they decide to spend the night inside the station, especially since it begins to rain, but the stationmaster is reluctant to let them stay. He tells them about the strict railway regulations, but they won’t listen to him. Then he tells them the other reason why they should not stay here - the station is haunted and ghost train was seen traveling through Fal Vale, bringing death to anyone, who saw it.

Classic British mystery movie based on the play written by Arnold Ridley (most widely known as Private Godfrey from popular Dad’s Army series). Most of the story takes place in one room - the interior of small train station in the middle of Cornwall, while storm is raging outside. The atmosphere of isolation, mystery and danger lurks from between the comedy bits and thriller. The story was remade several times in different countries, but 1941 version starring comedians Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch is most widely known. Great, although a bit old-fashioned mystery movie.

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One of my favorite mystery films - of course it is far from today's standards, but I just love old thrillers
Adam (25-12-2016 11:35:02)

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The Ghost Train 1941 mystery movieThe Ghost Train 1941 mystery movie

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Creators of The Ghost Train

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Cast of The Ghost Train

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The Ghost Train 1941 mystery movieThe Ghost Train 1941 mystery movieThe Ghost Train 1941 mystery movieThe Ghost Train 1941 mystery movie

The Ghost Train trivia

Arnold Ridley, the author

Arnold Ridley, best know for playing Private Godfrey in sitcom Dad’s Army, wrote the play The Ghost Train in 1923, which became very popular in 1920s in 1930s leading to several film and radio adaptations, but unfortunately he sold his royalties before the play became a hit, so never really made any money on the success of The Ghost Train.