The Reckoning (2002, United Kingdom)

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The Reckoning  2002 mystery movie

Running time: 112 minutes

Language: English

In 1380 England young priest Nicholas is forced to flee from his village after being found having sex with a married woman. During the night he stumbles upon a strange scene - few people wearing unusual dresses are killing a man. While detected Nicholas tries to run away from them, but he is caught and tied up. Soon he learns that what he saw wasn’t a murder, but euthanasia and those people are dressed strangely, because they are actors. Nicholas wants to join the troupe to replace the dead member, but they are reluctant to accept him. He travels with them to the nearest town, where collapsed bridge blocks their way. With no money to bury the dead friend and no money to fix the axel in their cart they decide to stage a play in the town to raise some money. Joined by Nicholas they perform a biblical play, but the attendance was poor, so they have to come up with some other plan. The town lives right now on a different story - a young boy carrying purse full of money was attacked in the woods and later found dead. Benedictine Monk Simon Damian accused young woman of seducing the boy and stealing the money that were later found under her bed. The troupe leader Martin decides to put up play based on that story, but while they gather the information among locals the story seems to be changing.

British historical mystery movie set after the Black Death has killed about half of the Europe population and the survivors were left in a world in which death was simply part of the everyday life. One of the themes of the movie is switch of the medieval theatre from biblical stories to other sources of material. The plot is interesting and involving, cast full of talented actors did well, but the script is a bit too simple as well as the characters are a bit to single-dimensional. But overall it is quite good piece of mystery set in medieval times.

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Our rating

5.6 / 10

Movie value

7 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

2 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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The Reckoning 2002 mystery movieThe Reckoning 2002 mystery movie

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Creators of The Reckoning

Paul McGuigan films

Paul McGuigan


Mark Mills films

Mark Mills


Cast of The Reckoning

Paul Bettany films

Paul Bettany

as Nicholas

Willem Dafoe films

Willem Dafoe

as Martin

Brian Cox films

Brian Cox

as Tobias

Gina McKee films

Gina McKee

as Sarah

Simon McBurney films

Simon McBurney

as Stephen

Tom Hardy films

Tom Hardy

as Straw

Stuart Wells films

Stuart Wells

as Springer

Vincent Cassel films

Vincent Cassel

as Lord De Guise

Ewen Bremner films

Ewen Bremner

as Simon Damian

Mark Benton films

Mark Benton

as Sheriff

Matthew Macfadyen films

Matthew Macfadyen

as King’s Justice

Julian Barratt films

Julian Barratt

as Gravedigger

Simon Pegg films

Simon Pegg

as Gaoler

The Reckoning 2002 mystery movieThe Reckoning 2002 mystery movieThe Reckoning 2002 mystery movie

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