Hinterkaifeck Murders

The murderer

There are no hard evidence to point at anyone as a murderer and most probably no such evidence will ever come up, but there are some points that we can assume.

  • most likely it was a man - it doesn’t seem likely that woman could overpower few residents at the same time, also the weapon used (pickaxe) requires some strength,
  • he might have been in some way connected to the family - since he did hide in the residence he knew that it is possible and safe,
  • strange items found in the house (like newspaper) suggest that he knew how to get in and out with ease,
  • he might have lived around there since he knew the plan of the buildings and habits of the residents - thus knew how to secretly get inside and that he can hide there, also while buying the newspaper or spying on the family the stranger would draw attention,
  • he rather didn’t have a steady job or family - since he was hiding for some time he didn’t have to be anywhere else at that time (unless he was a farmer or farm hand that didn’t have much to do during the winter),
  • the killings seem to be effect of disturbed mind - on one hand he did planned it (since he was hiding in the residence for some time) and on the other hand he used the weapon that wasn’t easy to use (pickaxe) risking that one of the victims would survive or run away,
  • the arrival of new maid seems to be the point that triggered the attack - it is strange coincidence that she arrived only hours before the attack.

Of course it is possible that there was more than one person behind the killings, although it would be much harder to hide presence of two people in the residence, but on the other hand would make it easier to overpower the residents.

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