Hinterkaifeck Murders

The murders

Few days before the murder Andreas Gruber told the neighbours about discovering footprints in the snow leading from the edge of the forest to his farm, but none leading back. He also spoke about hearing footsteps in the attic and finding an unfamiliar newspaper on the farm. Furthermore, the house keys went missing several days before the murders, but none of this was reported to the police.

 - The murders

What exactly happened on the farm is still a mystery, and according to several investigations, now it is impossible to solve the case since many clues have been lost due to poor investigation techniques available in 1920s and most likely all the witnesses have already died.

What we do know that the farmer, his wife, daughter and granddaughter were somehow lured into the barn and killed most probably with an pickaxe. Then the murderer or murderers went to house and killed the 2-year-old Josef and the maid. There are no clues on the motive of the murders since a large sum of money was found in the house.

There was a theory that Viktoria’s husband, who reportedly was killed in 1914 during the war, wasn’t dead since his body was never found, but still there are no ways to verify this theory.

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