Hinterkaifeck Murders

The unknown

There are elements of the mystery that could have put some light on the Hinterkaifeck murders and lead to some answers and not another questions, but since the case is long cold and none of the evidence could lead to finding the culprit we can only speculate.

Was the pickaxe brought by murderer?
That would determine if the murderer planned the killing or was it crime of passion triggered by some unknown factor.

Was the new maid in any way connected to the family?
Her arrival hours before the attack is the strangest element of this crime - was she just unlucky victim that was in wrong time and wrong place or was she the reason that attack took place? This would give the answer to question if killer knew that she’s gonna be there and waited for her or did he had to change his plans when she arrived. She was killed after the family, but was she killed for the same reason or simply because she was there? If the keys were stolen few days earlier did killer known at this point about the arrival of new maid?

Was the previous maid interrogated?
The previous maid left the household stating that the house was haunted, but was this statement taken straight from her or was it just what the neighbours said? Her statement of strange noises would confirm the version of neighbours and thus would suggest that there was someone hiding in the farm.

Were the rumours of Andreas incestuous relationship with Viktoria true?
If the rumours were true this would be a good motive to kill Andreas, but would not explain why his wife would be killed, not to mention the children.

Did Karl Gabriel died during the war?
Viktoria’s husband would be a good candidate to be the killer, but only on assumption that he was alive during the killings. He would have motive and knowledge of the household.

Were neighbours telling the truth about noises in the house?
Their accounts of what was going on in the farm are the base of the whole case since all the residents of the household were dead. But if the neighbours were culprits (or among them) that would change the whole thing. Murders could have been just act of revenge over some dispute and in that case the story of strange noises, footprints and lost keys could have been just a cover story to avoid suspicion. If the money were not taken from farm perhaps the incestuous relationship was the reason behind killing (although it would not explain the killing of the maid). None of the events that were taking place in the house (even the disappearance of the keys) were reported to police, so there are no evidence that they ever took place.

Were someone hiding in the house?
The investigators haven’t actually determined that, which is essential for the whole case. If the previous made did hear the noises and thus quit it would suggest that there really was someone there. But only suggest - lack of evidence could mean that the noises were caused f.e. by animals. Also if the noises were going on for some time why wouldn’t anyone try to figure out what was causing them?

Was the large sum of money found in the farm hidden?
The answer to that would give the answer if money actually was the real motive. The people might have been killed because the attackers could not find the money. But if they were not hidden it would mean that the reason behind the killings was much darker than just greed.

Finding answers to those questions would be vital to the case, but still with very limited technology available in the time of Hinterkaifeck murders and very limited evidence gathered by the investigators there is virtually no way to solve the mystery.

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