Monster of Florence

A killer doctor

Few elements of the case suggest that killer might have been liked some way to the medical profession. Unfortunately those elements are merely assumptions and not evidence.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • killer did not leave fingerprints, thus he might have been using surgical gloves,
  • as one of the pathologists suggested the killer was skilled in using the sharp instruments, although evidence from other crime scenes suggest otherwise,
  • one of the Winchester bullets was found on the sidewalk next to a hospital,
  • the killer contacted the hospital employees and asked what Mainardi told police, later he contacted one of them as he was on vacation in Rimini, which suggest that the killer found the way to identify the employee and find the place where he was during the holiday (of course considering that the hospital employee was telling the truth),
  • the killer might have found the address where hospital employee was taking vacation by using his connections with the hospital staff, which again would point to doctors or nurses,
  • doctors, especially surgeons are often perfectionists and individualists, which would fit the profile of the killer.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • lack of fingerprints suggests that killer was covering his fingers in some way, not necessarily with surgical gloves,
  • even if killer was using the surgical gloves they are not restricted goods - even in 1960s they were available for purchase,
  • people of different professions have skills with sharp instruments, not only doctors - f.e. butchers, cooks,
  • even if the killer was skilled with sharp instruments he seemed to have problems showing that skills on some occassions when his mutilations has done a lot of damage to the body of the victim,
  • the bullet found near hospital might have been an accident or was put there by the killer to lead police in the wrong direction or checking the medical professions,
  • the killer contacted the hospital employee while he was on vacation, which would be easy for doctor or other hospital employee, but it isn’t the only way he could acquire that information.

It is possible that the Monster of Florence was in fact a doctor, but there are no evidence to prove it. The informations above show how every assumption could have a counter-assumption that would should it did not have to be a doctor.


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