Monster of Florence

The lone psychopath

The basic theory is that Monster of Florence was a lone psychopath, who preyed on the young couples while they were having sex in the cars. Very little evidence exist about the killer, but there were testimonies about lone driver rushing away from the crime scene. The killings are very similar to the cases of Jack the Ripper (the progress in mutilations), Zodiac and Texarkana killers (attacking lovers in their cars).

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • same modus operandi - shooting the victims using element of surprise and if they would survive stab them to death, later came the mutilations,
  • same gun and ammo used in all the killings,
  • the killer left no evidence (like fingerprints) on the crime scenes, which would suggest careful planning of the attacks and rather a single attacker,
  • from modus operandi the attacker was alone since he shot the victims before they saw him, which suggest he would be overpowered by the couple, or even the woman alone,
  • the progress of mutilations (none in case of Lo Bianco and Locci, removing parts of the body and sending it to the police at the end) would suggest a development of the killer as he was moving a step forward with each killing (which is similar to Jack the Ripper case),
  • strong sexual motive of the killings that might suggest a misogynist - he did not mutilated any male victims,
  • it would take a very close people working as a team of killers to keep it a secret for 20 years,
  • if the Monster of Florence was on purpose using exactly the same gun through 20 years of killing it would mean that he wanted the police to find the link between his murders, which would suggest a individualist (perhaps loner) and perfectionist,
  • another example of the perfectionism of the killer is the note sent to the police after the last killing - since police did not found the body he informed them about it in note since he did not wanted his "work" to be overlooked.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • the time between first and last killing is about 20 years, which would mean that the killer was young during the first murder or he kept in very good shape to chase and kill 25-year-old Kraveichvili, in any other case there must have been more than one killer,
  • the mutilations to the female victims were inconsistent - sometimes they were done with skill (thus suggestion it might have been a surgeon) and on other occassions they were done poorly, which would suggest it wasn’t the same person each time.

It is by far the most probable theory that there was only one person behind the killings. At least based on the informations that are available right now.


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