Monster of Florence

The ritual killings

The ritual killings it always the easiest way out of the difficult investigation like in case of Monster of Florence - we can’t find the logic behind the killings because it’s some sort of mystic ritual. We can’t find the suspects or leads because they are guarded by secret organization. We can’t explain the motivation of killer, because it’s secret or magical. Usually they are a complete nonsense and waste of time - there were only very few such documented killings in recent history and to pursue them for 20 years seems very unlikely.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • the parts of the bodies were removed from female victims,
  • death of Pacciani was suspicious, so it might have been a part of guarding the secret of the cult group.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • the parts of the bodies were removed from female victims, but not all of them and there was a progress in mutilations - it would have no sense that since victim number 6 or 8 the killers would remember "oh yeah, I was suppose to remove the breast as well"...
  • there are no evidence what actually happened with the parts of the body that were removed, so there is no way of proving that they were useful to any sort of occult activities,
  • if the act of killing or removing organs from a woman would have any occult value wouldn’t it be better to kidnap the victim and kill or mutilate her during some sort of mess or something and not cut her up on the roadside?

Nothing in the killings suggest that some sort of occultism was involved - single attacker mutilating the corpse of dead women is rather far from known sects or religious fanatics groups.


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