Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

Paedophile network theory

Some of the authors suggest that since JonBenet often took part in beauty pageants she was target for paedophile network and they were behind the kidnapping.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • JonBenet did took part in many beauty pageants often wearing make up and "grown-up" clothes, which might have been attractive for paedophiles,
  • Ramsays lived in small and quiet town, where the security would perhaps make the kidnapping easier than in a big city.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • kidnapping such high-profile child (winner of several beauty pageants) would most likely draw attention of media and large police forces, perhaps even FBI,
  • paedophiles are rather unlikely to be interested in kidnapping for ransom, rather abduction of the child,
  • if the ransom note was just part of false evidence to send the police on wrong track it would be rather insane idea - abduction would be a local police matter, kidnapping for ransom is more likely to become federal case with FBI involvement,
  • the people involved in kidnapping would have to find the way of knowing what amount of money did John Ramsay received as a bonus, which for people from outside of his circle of friends and co-workers would be very hard,
  • to prepare such operation (including getting to know the habits of the family and the plan of the house) it would take time for outsiders, while abduction of the child from the street would be much faster and easier - complexity of the kidnapping plan suggest long preparations and rather involvement of people from that area.

The involvement of paedophile network is rather easy theory to come up with in case of child beauty pageants winner, but it is highly unlikely that this was the reason behind the crime.


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