Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

When distinguished British biochemist Sir Jack Drummond was found dead on the roadside in France no one expected this case will gain international coverage and still after 60 years puzzles the police and media.

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Events connected with Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

The shots in the night

Sir Jack Drummond, together with his wife Anne and daughter Elizabeth, was spending his holiday in France, travelling in his green Hillman estate car. On the evening of 4 August 1952 they arrived to the department of Basses-Alpes (now Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) and while near the village of Lurs they ...

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

The investigation

Police could not find much evidence that would give them any leads to follow. They could not find any sign of robbery as a motive, no signs of sexual motives, no clues that would lead to anyone who would have any reason to kill the complete strangers. Gaston Dominici said that he has covered Jack...

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

The confessions

Gustave Dominici, being under pressure from the police, and his brother Clovis both claimed that they heard their illiterate 75-year-old father admitting that he "killed the English". Soon Gaston Dominici was arrested by the police and heartbroken by the betrayal of his own sons firstly refused to c...

People connected with Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Jack Drummond - Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Jack Drummond

Sir Jack Cecil Drummond was British biochemist, his most noted for his work on nutrition as applied to the British diet under rationing during the World War 2. He was son of Colonel John Drummond of the Royal Horse Artillery and Gertrude Drummond (although it is still unclear if they were married). ...

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond theories

Dominici was guilty - Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Dominici was guilty

French police did poor job preparing the case for the court, nevertheless the theory that Dominici did killed Drummonds can’t be completely overlooked. Facts that are supporting the theory: - Gaston Dominici did acted suspiciously after three people were murdered near his house (alt...

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

MI6 theory

There is a theory that sounds quite ridiculous at the beginning, but actually does have some good points. The theory is that after the war Jack Drummond started to work for MI6. What good biochemist could do for the intelligence is hard to imagine, but nevertheless it isn’t impossible. Facts th...

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Neighbours conspiracy

There is another way to look at the case - even if Gaston Dominici was innocent there is still the question of strange "wall of silence" surrounding the case. There could be numbers of reasons why the neighbours would keep silence, but one of them could be that at least some of them were actually gu...

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

The missing pieces

Just like with other unsolved crimes in the murder of Sir Jack Drummond there are missing bits of informations that make the case on one hand interesting, but on the other in practice unsolvable. Why that spot? Drummond did choose a strange spot to spend the night. Even though the meeting place ...

Films, games and books about Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

The Dominici Affair / Laffaire Dominici

1973, France

When British scientist is found shot on the roadside in France the police is anxious to close the case as quickly as possible.

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