Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Dominici was guilty

French police did poor job preparing the case for the court, nevertheless the theory that Dominici did killed Drummonds can’t be completely overlooked.

 - Dominici was guilty

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • Gaston Dominici did acted suspiciously after three people were murdered near his house (although it just could be his normal behaviour),
  • according to the police investigation they did reach a "wall of silence" when asking the family or the neighbours, like there would be something to be quite about,
  • the sons of Gaston stated that he admitted to killings (although they withdrew it later) and that the M-1 carbine was hidden by their father (although there is no way to prove it one way or the other),
  • they all admitted to hear the shots near the house, but did not try to find out what happened (which is quite odd, even to make sure that their families can be safe) and in the morning just acted like nothing happened,
  • it looks like Dominicis lied that they did not have any contact wth Drummonds, which is odd since they did not have any reason to lie and could not gain anything from it (at least if they were innocent).

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • if contact or any behaviour of Dominicis would suggest they could be dangerous Drummond would not stay for the night nearby,
  • there are no known reasons why Dominicis would want to kill Drummonds - again any argument or conflict would make the Drummonds just leave,
  • shooting people right in front of their house would put Dominicis in the spotlight of police investigation,
  • if Dominici would have the M-1 carbine hidden he would have no problem in hiding it after the murders and not just dropping it into the river, where it can be easily found.


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