Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

MI6 theory

There is a theory that sounds quite ridiculous at the beginning, but actually does have some good points. The theory is that after the war Jack Drummond started to work for MI6. What good biochemist could do for the intelligence is hard to imagine, but nevertheless it isn’t impossible.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • Drummond did picked rather strange place to spend the night - on the roadside of rather busy route, theory is that this spot was chosen for his secret meeting,
  • as scientist he might have been involved in some spy game to acquire foreign secrets, according to the theory he was lured into that spot and killed by foreign agent,
  • author James Fergusson found a report by a traffic cop that another car with British number plates pulled up at a hotel where the Drummonds stopped for dinner an hour before, the driver asked the officer if he had seen an English car earlier. Policeman did point him in the direction where Drummonds left, he went into the hotel and after 15 minutes he sprinted out, leapt in his car and sped off in the direction the Drummonds took. The man and the woman that was waiting for him in the car were never identified,
  • there was a chemical plant nearby and Drummond might have planned to meet someone linked with the plant, perhaps he was involved in the chemical or biological warfare development.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • would Drummond risk the life of his family (especially daughter) for getting some secrets?
  • if the story about man looking for Drummond in hotel was truth it would mean that the spot was not chosen for the meeting, was rather random,
  • if the man who lured Drummond to this spot to kill him why would he kill his family as well (especially daughter)?
  • why would such strange spot be chosen for secret meeting - next to rather busy road?
  • could Drummond attend the secret meeting in the night without waking up his wife? if he would wake her it would not be secret meeting any more...
  • what secret agent would carry with him a carbine to a secret meeting? it is not easy to hide and will be heard from far, which makes the escape really hard,
  • if the meeting would be linked with the chemical factory why Drummond would bring his family and why the family would be killed?

It is possible that Jack Drummond, who served his country all his life, would join MI6, but the circumstances of his murder does not seem likely to be linked with such activity - the murders were messy, the killing of Elizabeth would be justified only in case she knew murderer, the murder or murderers could not be certain a car won’t suddenly show up on the road or any of the neighbours would see him.


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