Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

Neighbours conspiracy

There is another way to look at the case - even if Gaston Dominici was innocent there is still the question of strange "wall of silence" surrounding the case. There could be numbers of reasons why the neighbours would keep silence, but one of them could be that at least some of them were actually guilty.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • there was no reason for innocent people not to cooperate with the police - apart from Dominicis police as not linking the murders to locals,
  • the weapon used was rather unsuitable for professional killing (loud and not easy to hide), so the murderer was rather amateur or had to be sure the neighbours won’t surprise him,
  • as former Resistance members the locals were armed, often with World War 2 weapons (although not another M-1 was found anywhere around),
  • even if the neighbours did cooperate with police their statements were often just rumours or they contradict with other statements.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • the locals could have been avoiding the police to keep them away from the illegal things (other than murder) they were doing themselves - f.e. poaching,
  • most of the farmers were former Resistance members, so keeping the secret might have been just their way of life,
  • weapon was dropped into the river close to the crime scene, which is unlikely in case of the locals that might have found dozens of better places to hide it,
  • nothing in the crime scene suggest that there was more than one killer (one weapon used, even to attack Elizabeth),


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