Murder of Sir Jack Drummond

The confessions

Gustave Dominici, being under pressure from the police, and his brother Clovis both claimed that they heard their illiterate 75-year-old father admitting that he "killed the English". Soon Gaston Dominici was arrested by the police and heartbroken by the betrayal of his own sons firstly refused to cooperate with police and later made a confession of killing the Drummonds. He stated that he has sex with Ann, when her husband turned up he shot both of them. Also when he saw their daughter she started to run away, but he caught her and hit her using the rifle.

Soon all three of them withdrew their statements (Gustave said he was forced by beating to make the statement), also police could not accept the confession of Gaston (or rather should not have) since there were no signs of Ann having sex before death, he got the number of bullets and the angles they were shot completely wrong, also he got the killing of Elizabeth wrong. But nevertheless Gaston was put to trial and convicted of three murders. He was sentenced to death by guillotine in 1954, but later the penalty was commuted to life sentence.

In 1960 President Charles de Gaulle ordered Gaston to be released from prison due to poor health, but did no pardon him. No one else was ever tried for the murders of Jack Drummond and his family and the case is still unsolved.

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