Rita Gorgonova case

The most famous murder case in pre World War 2 Poland - young girl was brutally murdered in the sleep. In the secluded house where it happened only few people were present and Rita Gorgonova, the governess of the girl and also a concubine of her father. But the case wasn’t simple.

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Rita Gorgonova case facts

Rita Gorgonova case

Murder of Elzbieta Zaremba

On the night of 30 December 1931 in a residence of 41-year-old architect Henryk Zaremba loud howl of the dog woke up 14-year-old Stanislaw Zaremba, son of Henryk. When he went to check what happened he found his 17-year-old sister Elzbieta (Elizabeth) dead in her bed. He alarmed rest of the resident...

Rita Gorgonova case


Police gathered the evidence, including: - dog has been stunned by the blow to the head (probably using the pickaxe), - Stas, who was waken by the howl of the hurt dog saw a figure in the living room when he was going into his sister’s room, - Elzbietahad a pillow lying on her head...

Rita Gorgonova case

First trial

The prosecution prepared their version of events: - Gorgonova was angry at Elzbieta because she told her father about Rita seeing other men when he was away, - Zaremba planned to end their relationship and move out with his children and leave Gorgonova in the house, murder took place on...

Rita Gorgonova case

Second trial

Gorgonova appealed against the sentence and in March 1933 her second trial took place. Her lawyer challenged the testimony of Stas Zaremba, especially since during the night of murder he recognized the figure as his sister and later, probably guided by the police, he became sure that he saw Gorgonov...

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Rita Gorgonova case

The Gorgon Case / Sprawa Gorgonowej

1977, Poland

Most famous Polish murder case of 1930 - young girl is brutally murdered and her stepmother is the prime suspect.

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