Oak Island mystery

Small island on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada became famous after discovery of strange well-like hole in the ground with bottom made of wood. At least that what it looked like, because under the wooden bottom there was small space and another wooden bottom. And so on, and so on...

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Oak Island mystery facts

Oak Island mystery

First account

First accounts about the strange hole on Oak Island are from year 1795, when 18-year-old Daniel McGinnis, after observing lights coming from the island, discovered a circular depression in a clearing on the south-eastern end of the island. Also there was a tackle block on one of the branches of nea...

First company arrives - Oak Island mystery

First company arrives

Around 1803 first company arrived to Oak Island with goal of retrieving what was believed to be a hidden treasure at the bottom of the hole, to be later called the Money Pit. The Onslow Company from Truro started the dig from the point McGinnis stopped 8 years earlier. They continued the excavation ...

Oak Island mystery

First fatal accident

In 1861 a new company called the Oak Island Association started the excavation again, but at the level of about 90 feet the wooden bottom of the pit collapsed. It it still unknown whether it was cause by a natural cavern or was it some sort of booby trap installed underneath. Soon after the boiler o...

Oak Island mystery

Artifacts in the ground

The 1931 the excavations begun under the supervision of William Chappell. They went down to 163-foot shaft 12 to 14 feet to the south-west of what he believed was the site of the 1897 shaft, close to the original pit. At 127 feet number of artefacts - including an axe, an anchor fluke, and a strange...

Oak Island mystery

Deeper and deeper

Around 1967 Triton Alliance Ltd. purchased most of the island and started the work around Money Pit. In 1971 they have excavated a 235 foot shaft supported by a steel caisson to bedrock. According to some sources cameras lowered down the shaft into a cave below recorded the presence of some chests, ...

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