Roanoke colony

Food storage exhaustion

The theory similar to voluntary abandonment, but it assumes that the abandonment was forced due to insufficient food and not planned by the colonists.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • there were no signs of struggle or violence,
  • no sign of any other colony location could indicate that the colonists have joined the local Indian tribes in order to survive (there were rumours about white people among the tribes),
  • the "Croatoan" word could mean that they have moved to Croatoan Island hoping to start new colony there, but there were no sign of any colony on that island.

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • it is hard to determine if the food storage exhaustion would be the kind of forced abandonment that should be signalled by the cross sign on the tree,
  • the dismantle of houses doesn’t make much sense if they were not going to use the wood somewhere else,
  • if there really was so much tension between colonists and Indians would they try to find a shelter among the tribes?
  • if the colonists have left Roanoke and moved to Croatoan Island why they dismantled the houses since they haven’t made any use of that wood?


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