Roanoke colony

Voluntary abandonment

The simplest explanation is of course the voluntary abandonment of the colony.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • there were no signs of struggle or violence,
  • the colonists have dismantled the houses, which means that it wasn’t hasty decision,
  • the word "Croatoan" could mean that the colonists have moved to the Croatoan Island, although there was no sign of any colony on that island,
  • no cross sign left on the tree (that was suppose to be sign of a forced abandonment).

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • there was no sign of any colonists or any other location that they would relocate to,
  • colonists must have spent a lot of time dismantling the houses, yet they didn’t make any use of that wood,
  • why did they leave only a single word on a post since carving "we have moved to Croatoan Island" would not take that much time comparing to the time they must have spent on dismantling the houses.


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