SS Ourang Medan

Two American ships while crossing the Strait of Malacca, near Indonesia, received distress call from SS Ourang Medan. The rescue party that boarded the ship found all the crew dead without any visible explanation.

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SS Ourang Medan facts

SS Ourang Medan

Distract call

In 1947, while crossing the Strait of Malacca near Indonesia, two American vessels, the City of Baltimore and the Silver Star, received a distract call from ship SS Ourang Medan. The message in Morse code reads "All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole cr...

SS Ourang Medan theories

SS Ourang Medan

Hazardous materials

One of the simplest explanation to the story is that SS Ourang Medan could have been used to transport hazardous materials, like a combination of potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin. According to this theory sea water would have entered the ship’s hold, reacting with the cargo to release toxic gas...

SS Ourang Medan

Carbon monoxide poisoning

The theory of carbon monoxide poisoning was started by American author Vincent Gaddis. The carbon monoxide from faulty boiler system might have caused the poisoning of the whole crew. Facts that are supporting the theory: - the carbon monoxide poisoning can kill people and animals witho...

SS Ourang Medan

Paranormal phenomena

Another explanation of that story is some sort of paranormal phenomena that appeared on the route of SS Ourang Medan, f.e. UFO that later used some kind of strange power to kill the crew. Facts that are supporting the theory: - the lack of injuries could be explained by the use of unkno...

SS Ourang Medan

The hoax

The last, but not least theory is that the whole story is just a hoax and those events never took place. Facts that are supporting the theory: - there are no official records of SS Ourang Medan in Lloyd’s Shipping Register, - there are no records of SS Ourang Medan in the Dutch aut...

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