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The Somerton Man people

Somerton Man identified?

The Somerton Man theories

Spy theory
Suicide theory

The Somerton Man

Spy theory

Second theory about identity of Somerton Man, triggered by the letters written at the back of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, suggests that the dead man was in some way connected with spy network.

Facts that are supporting the theory:

  • many of the items that he possessed were foreign made or unavailable in Australia, which would suggest that he was foreigner,
  • he was never recognized despite large nationwide investigation and even international enquiries,
  • all labels and any sort identification was removed from his person and his belongings,
  • strange encoded message was found in the back of the book somehow connected to his death (the book might have been used to code or decode messages),
  • his dental records and fingerprints were not identified in the Australian records,
  • the kind of poison was never determined, which would suggest it was prepared for the purpose of such secret killings (as it was practised among the spies).

Facts that oppose the theory:

  • the book containing the secret message left in some stranger’s car doesn’t sound like job of a spy (at least not a good one),
  • killing the spy by poisoning and leaving him walking around the beach seems strange to say the least (he could have been rescued or start to talk to strangers),
  • Australia was never a place of significant spy activity (far from Russia, United States and United Kingdom), not involved in any secret operations, never on the "frontline" of the military or political conflicts,
  • there are too many things about that death that seems to be planned which would suggest that Somerton Man knew he is gonna die soon,
  • if the killers didn’t remove the labels with name "Keane" from some of the clothes (and police believes they’ve done it knowing that it is false name and can’t be traced) why would they leave those clothes at all (they could have remove them or destroy the whole suitcase).


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