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Delphos UFO incident

Delphos is a small town in Kansas that became famous in 1971 when, according to by that time 16-year-old Ron Johnson, a UFO was seen near the farms. Ron and his dog Snowball were alarmed by some strange noises, including what sounded like breaking of the tree branch, coming from the back of the house, so they both went to check the source of that noise. Later Ron stated that he saw a mushroom-shaped silver object that was glowing and hanging over the ground. He notices one of the branches to be broken on nearby tree and there seemed to be some sort of liquid coming down from the UFO. Ron came closer to the object noticing that his dog was surprisingly quiet. When he was only few steps away the object suddenly took off and hovered above the house. Ron managed to inform his parents and they both saw the object hanging for few second and then quickly going straight up.

 - Delphos UFO incident

Ron could hardly see anything for some time blinded by the light of the object and his dog Snowball completely lost sight in one eye. In place where the liquid was coming down from UFO the Johnsons saw a strange ring, which later proved to be glowing in the dark. Mother of Ron touched the ring soon after disappearance of UFO and later she felt her fingers going numb on various occasions. For years the ring was examined by different scientists and ufologists, but with only two conclusions - there was strangely high level of natural acids in the grass and that the strange powder-like substance that was covering the leafs can’t be washed out using water. The ring was present in the exactly same size and form for many years until years later Ron Johnson, as a grown man, decided he had enough of the attention that the ring gathers and covered it with tons of earth.

The story itself can’t be called very believable, after all there was only one actual eyewitness and despite dog’s blindness in one eye (which might have been result of natural causes) and the ring there are no evidence that anything took place on that day. The ring itself is interesting since there were no evidence of chemicals used (like fertilizers) and the substance could not be washed out with water. The fingers going numb of course can’t be counted as evidence since it can’t be scientifically proved, also the parents saw only the effect of UFO, not the UFO itself hovering over that place (they only saw something over the house that took off and disappeared). Sceptics were convinced that the ring was caused by mushrooms that sometimes do form such rings, but it is feeble explanation since mushroom usually don’t tend to grow in exactly same place for years and years and they tend to expand the ring as they grow, not keeping it in same shape and size. Also mushrooms can be easily washed out using water. The destroying ring puts another questions over Ron Johnson’s story - if he was tired of the attention he might have just dig out the earth with ring and sell it to someone. Covering it with earth seems like... well, hiding the evidence.

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