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Lebanon UFO incident

 - Lebanon UFO incident

During night of 5 January 2000 the Lebanon, Illinois police officers were called over radio to investigate the strange object flying over one of the roads. Since the report came from a truck driver they assumed he must have been under influence or mistaken something else for the flying object. After confirming that it is a serious report they moved to given location to investigate. On the arrival some time after 4 AM they have noticed three indistinct light sources hovering over the treetops. As they approached the light became more visible and they seemed to be set in a triangular order. Soon other similar reports came from eyewitnesses from nearby towns of Highland, Dupo, Summerfield, Millstadt and O’Fallon. Five police officers investigating those reports stated that they’ve seen the massive triangular object, which was able to move with great speed and without making a sound. What is more they claimed that before making the move the object changed the shape (at least the three lights changed the position), which ensured them it can’t by any kind of military aircraft. This report is very similar to what is known as the Phoenix Lights, and just like in the case of Phoenix Lights there were numerous witnesses. Also Officer Stevens from Millstadt took a Polaroid photo of the object, although due to poor quality it’s inconclusive.

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