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Roswell crash

In summer 1947 William Brazel, a foreman working on the Foster family ranch (about 30 miles north of Roswell, New Mexico), found strange debris scattered over a large area. He described it as "bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks". When he heard the rumours about the flying discs seen in the area he contacted the local army airfield. Major Jesse Marcel from Roswell Army Air Field, who accompanied Brazel to the area and helped him pick up the debris, was convinced that those were parts of a weather device, but the very next day the RAAF issued a press release:

 - Roswell crash

"The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff’s office of Chaves County. The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. Not having phone facilities, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff’s office, who in turn notified Maj. Jesse A. Marcel of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office. Action was immediately taken and the disc was picked up at the rancher’s home. It was inspected at the Roswell Army Air Field and subsequently loaned by Major Marcel to higher headquarters".

Soon after army have withdrawn the press release and returned to preliminary version that it was a weather balloon. Of course, typically for American army, a lot of elements around that investigation were regarded secret it’s hard to determine whether the rumours about the incident are true or not.

Some researchers report that witnesses saw some sort of bodies were taken from between the debris, others point that parts were made from strange, unknown metal, etc. So far there were few explanations of the incident made by the officials, which only brings more doubts about the whole story - if it really was weather balloon one explanation would be quite enough. Instead we have the stories about weather balloons, secret high altitude balloons used to spy on Soviet Union, the program of high altitude drop training program using mannequins and few others.

Located nearby secret airfield called Area 51, used for the development of new weapons, doesn’t help with the story - it is rumoured that the real debris from Rosewell are kept there. Despite over 50 years passed by the United States still keep the Area 51 so secret that the rumours are keep alive.

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