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UFO over Washington D.C.

On July 19th 1952 air traffic controller at Washington National Airport (now Ronald Reagan Airport), spotted seven objects on his radar. The objects were located 15 miles south-southwest of the city. No known traffic was reported there and the objects were not following the established flight paths. After checking if the radar works well the controllers contacted another radar center on the airport that not only confirmed that they do see the objects on the radar screens, but also looking out of the window they do see the bright orange lights.

 - UFO over Washington D.C.

Soon the objects have moved over the White House and Capitol, at this point controllers have contacted the Andrews Air Force Base. Andrew base did not report the objects on their radars, but soon they were contacted by few witnesses that reported the lights to move and change the altitude and direction including pilots. When the Andrews radar did report one of the objects it was hovering over a radio beacon and disappeared at the same time from all of the radars.

Jet fighters from Newcastle Air Force Base arrived to the scene when the objects disappeared from the area. The interceptors soon run low on fuel and had to withdraw and when they did the objects suddenly returned over Washington. Around 5.30 AM the UFOs have finally left the area. But not for long...

On July 26th 1952, a week later, both airbases were again alarmed by the sudden appearance of the aerial objects. They were reported by the crew of commercial plane and soon appeared on the radar screens. Again jet fighters from Newcastle arrived over Washington, the leader did not detect targets, but his wingman approached objects when his plane suddenly was surrounded by four of them. Pilot contacted the tower asking for orders, but there was no answer. Soon the objects left the plane and disappeared with high speed.

Soon after the incidents airforce came up with explanation, which is pretty much insult to a little intelligence they had... The official version is that it was natural temperature inversion and that the visual contacts were stars and space objects mistaken by the eyewitnesses.

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