Mystery movies about family secrets

Sometimes the greatest mysteries lurk in our own past - the mysteries of our family or predecessors.

Oldboy 2003 mystery movie

Oldboy 2003

Man was kidnapped on the street and locked in the cell for 15 years. When released he tries to find out why whas he imprisoned. -oldboy-

Under Suspicion 2000 mystery movie

Under Suspicion 2000

Influential lawyer pops down to police station to answer few routine questions, but suddenly from witness he changes into prime suspect in the murder case. -under-suspicion-

The Wicker Man 1973 mystery movie

The Wicker Man 1973

Sergeant Howie travels to secluded Scottish island to investigate the case of young girl disappearance and finds the locals claim that she never existed. -the-wicker-man-

Jonathan Creek 1997 mystery movie

Jonathan Creek 1997

Jonathan Creek works for TV illusionist, but he uses his knowledge also to solve the mysterious cases such as murders or disappearances. -jonathan-creek-

The Body 2012 mystery movie

The Body 2012

When a body disappears from the morgue police begins one odd investigation with the only witness in coma and a husband who is hiding something. -el-cuerpo-

The Treatment 2014 mystery movie

The Treatment 2014

Police detective feels guilty about the disappearance of his younger brother when he was a kid. Now the prime suspect in that case gets out of prison and strange events took place in the area. -de-behandeling-treatment-

Pulp 1972 mystery movie

Pulp 1972

Pulp fiction author is tangled into web of lies when he is offered a job as ghost writer. -pulp-

Blood Relatives 1978 mystery movie

Blood Relatives 1978

In the rainy night teenage girl covered in blood turns up on the police station saying that her sister has just been killed. -blood-relatives-

Under Suspicion 1981 mystery movie

Under Suspicion 1981

On New Year’s Eve influential lawyer, suspect in child murder case, is asked to come down to station for some routine enquires, but nothing will be routine that night. -garde-a-vue-

Jeziorak 2014 mystery movie

Jeziorak 2014

Pregnant police woman begins the investigation into murder of young girl found in the boat in the middle of a lake. Meanwhile her boyfriend, also a police officer, disappears while on duty. -jeziorak-mystery-movie-

The Gorgon Case 1977 mystery movie

The Gorgon Case 1977

Most famous Polish murder case of 1930 - young girl is brutally murdered and her stepmother is the prime suspect. -sprawa-gorgonowej-

The Black Box 2005 mystery movie

The Black Box 2005

Man recovers from coma to find that he has been talking under anesthesia, but the words he was saying make no sense, except that he might be in trouble. -the-black-box-

The Ghost Writer 2010 mystery movie

The Ghost Writer 2010

New ghostwriter hired to write former Prime Minister memoirs discovers not everything is what it seems. -the-ghost-writer-

The Awakening 2011 mystery movie

The Awakening 2011

Famous hoax exposer is asked to solve the mystery surrounding a boarding school, where ghost of a child was seen. -the-awakening-

The Tall Man 2012 mystery movie

The Tall Man 2012

Cold Rock is a small town, where the legend of Tall Man that kidnappes the children is still alive. -the-tall-man-

A Murder on Shadow Mountain 1999 mystery movie

A Murder on Shadow Mountain 1999

Barbara is shocked when her husband is arrested for murder from his past. She tries to find the truth. -a-murder-on-shadow-mountain-

Day of Wrath 2005 mystery movie

Day of Wrath 2005

In 16th century Spain local sheriff takes up case of brutal murders of noblemen and soon realizes noone is interested in discovering the truth. -day-of-wrath-

The Night Listener 2006 mystery movie

The Night Listener 2006

Radio show host becomes involved in a story of one of his listeners - young traumatized boy. But not everything is what it seems. -the-night-listener-

The Orphanage 2007 mystery movie

The Orphanage 2007

Laura returns to a place, where she spent her childhood - an old orphanage near the ocean. During a kids party her adopted son suddenly disappears after telling her about the imaginary friend. -el-orfanato-orphanage-

Don’t Look Back 2009 mystery movie

Don’t Look Back 2009

Living with husband and 2 children in Paris Jeanne begins to notice the changes in her house - from misplaced items to whole rooms different from what they should look like, but at some points she stops to recognize her own face. -dont-look-back-

R.I.F. 2011 mystery movie

R.I.F. 2011

When policeman’s wife goes missing in the rural area of France he is determined to find her. -rif-

The Unspoken Truth 1995 mystery movie

The Unspoken Truth 1995

Young woman involved in shooting other man is sent to prison, but her family is convinced that she is innocent. -the-unspoken-truth-

Murders in Rouen 2014 mystery movie

Murders in Rouen 2014

Captain Didier Mege returns to his hometown Rouen and takes over the investigation - body of a man was found next to Rouen Catherdral with strange piece of stained glass next to him. -murders-in-rouen-

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