Mystery movies about mysterious events

There are things hard to explain, but sometimes they are completely unexplainable mysteries.

Memento 2000 mystery movie

Memento 2000

Man that can’t make new memories uses notes, tattoos and Polaroid photos to run his private investigation in search of his wife’s killer. -memento-

Oldboy 2003 mystery movie

Oldboy 2003

Man was kidnapped on the street and locked in the cell for 15 years. When released he tries to find out why whas he imprisoned. -oldboy-

Investigation 1997 mystery movie

Investigation 1997

The series of strange events makes the Scotland Yard inspector believe that dead bodies may come alive again. -investigation-

Lost 2004 mystery movie

Lost 2004

Survivors of cross-Pacific flight end up on seemingly diserted island, but soon they discover that jungle around them is filled with strange and mysterious phenomena. -lost-mystery-series-

The Wicker Man 1973 mystery movie

The Wicker Man 1973

Sergeant Howie travels to secluded Scottish island to investigate the case of young girl disappearance and finds the locals claim that she never existed. -the-wicker-man-

Dead Mountain 2020 mystery movie

Dead Mountain 2020

In 1959 KGB Major Oleg Kostin is sent to Sverdlovsk in Ural Mountains to investigate the death of group of students that went on a ski hike into the wilderness. -dead-mountain-dyatlov-pass-

Jonathan Creek 1997 mystery movie

Jonathan Creek 1997

Jonathan Creek works for TV illusionist, but he uses his knowledge also to solve the mysterious cases such as murders or disappearances. -jonathan-creek-

The Crimson Rivers 2000 mystery movie

The Crimson Rivers 2000

Two detectives invetigate the strange events around small exclusive university. -the-crimson-rivers-

The Body 2012 mystery movie

The Body 2012

When a body disappears from the morgue police begins one odd investigation with the only witness in coma and a husband who is hiding something. -el-cuerpo-

Hysteria 1965 mystery movie

Hysteria 1965

American, who lost memory in car accident tries to find out what happened to him and who payed for his treatment. His only clue is a photo of young woman torn from the newspaper. -hysteria-mystery-movie-

Pulp 1972 mystery movie

Pulp 1972

Pulp fiction author is tangled into web of lies when he is offered a job as ghost writer. -pulp-

The Ghost Train 1941 mystery movie

The Ghost Train 1941

In stormy night 8 passengers are left on the train station in the middle of Cornwall. The story that the place is haunted isn’t helping them to relax. -the-ghost-train-

The Final Countdown 1980 mystery movie

The Final Countdown 1980

American aircraft carrier suddenly moves back in time to the point where they can change the history of World War 2. -the-final-countdown-

Cure 1997 mystery movie

Cure 1997

Detective is assigned to strange murder case - different people killed someone in exactly the same way and none of them remember why. -cure-

Nightwatch 1997 mystery movie

Nightwatch 1997

Law student takes on job as night watchman in morgue when victims of serial killer are brought. Soon he becomes the prime suspect. -nightwatch-

Gothika 2003 mystery movie

Gothika 2003

After mysterious event on the road psychiatrist wakes up in her own institution locked up as a patient suspected for murdering her husband. -gothika-

The Triangle 2005 mystery movie

The Triangle 2005

Shipping magnate hires a team of unique experts to solve the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle. -the-triangle-

The Black Box 2005 mystery movie

The Black Box 2005

Man recovers from coma to find that he has been talking under anesthesia, but the words he was saying make no sense, except that he might be in trouble. -the-black-box-

The Great Hypnotist 2014 mystery movie

The Great Hypnotist 2014

Hypnotherapy expert takes on unusual patient - young woman, who claims she has supernatural skills. During their session he begins to realize seems to be taking control... -the-great-hypnotist-

The Night My Number Came Up 1955 mystery movie

The Night My Number Came Up 1955

Dream of air crash of Dakota plane with Air Marshall onboard was just an anecdote on the party in Shanghai, but when Air Marshall Hardie learns that he will be travelling on Dakota to Tokio things begin to resemble the ones in the dream. -the-night-my-number-came-up-

The Da Vinci Code 2006 mystery movie

The Da Vinci Code 2006

When Louvre curator is found in the museum dead with pentagram on his chest American professor of symbology becomes a prime suspect. -the-da-vinci-code-

The Orphanage 2007 mystery movie

The Orphanage 2007

Laura returns to a place, where she spent her childhood - an old orphanage near the ocean. During a kids party her adopted son suddenly disappears after telling her about the imaginary friend. -el-orfanato-orphanage-

Hot Fuzz 2007 mystery movie

Hot Fuzz 2007

London policeman Nicholas Angel is transferred to a small village of Sandford, where his special skills will be wasted on petty thief cases or jaywalking. Unless there is some hidden agenda in Sandford. -hot-fuzz-crime-comedy-

ID:A 2011 mystery movie

ID:A 2011

Young woman wakes up lying in the middle forest with wounded head and a bag full of money, but she can’t remember where she is or even who she is. -id-a-mystery-movie-

Polish Death 1995 mystery movie

Polish Death 1995

Young man frustrated with his life and pointless job becomes one of the suspects in serial killer investigation, but he suspects someone else... -polish-death-polska-smierc-

The Ninth Gate 1999 mystery movie

The Ninth Gate 1999

Rare books dealer is hired to check authenticity of 17th century valuable books. Soon he discovers that there is more to it than just greed or love for the art. -the-ninth-gate-

Donnie Darko 2001 mystery movie

Donnie Darko 2001

Troubled teenager is visited by the strange character dressed in a bunny costume that tells him the world will end in 28 days. Under his influence he begins to change and act strangely. -donnie-darko-

Secret Window 2004 mystery movie

Secret Window 2004

Successful writer has nervous breakdown and moves to a secluded cabin, where he is visited by mysterious stranger, who accuses him of stealing his book. -secret-window-

Devil 2010 mystery movie

Devil 2010

Five people trapped in the elevator are in mortal danger when devil begins to operate. -devil-

The Spies 1957 mystery movie

The Spies 1957

Owner of small psychiatric clinic gets involved in the game of American and Soviet spies. -les-espions-

Chernobyl Diaries 2012 mystery movie

Chernobyl Diaries 2012

Foreign tourists take a trip into the exclusion zone around Chernobyl nuclear power plant. While they visit the abandoned town of Pripyat they find they are not alone there. -chernobyl-diaries-

Roswell 1994 mystery movie

Roswell 1994

The alternative version of Roswell UFO crash based on the myths and conspiracy theories. -roswell-

Ghost Ship 2002 mystery movie

Ghost Ship 2002

Boat salvage crew finds an abandoned ship that would make them rich, but the ship is not as abandoned as it seems. -ghost-ship-

Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse 2004 mystery movie

Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse 2004

Two police detectives has to team up to solve the mysterious events surrounding the monastery near the French-German border. -crimson-rivers-2-angels-of-the-apocalypse-

Empire of the Wolves 2005 mystery movie

Empire of the Wolves 2005

Young woman begins to suspect that her husband isn’t who she thought he is or... that she doesn’t know who she is herself. -empire-of-the-wolves-

The Village 2004 mystery movie

The Village 2004

Secluded village is surrounded by mysterious creatures that keep the villagers trapped from the outside world. -the-village-

Triangle 2009 mystery movie

Triangle 2009

Group of friends are caught by storm in Bermuda Triangle area and end up on board of deserted ocean liner. -triangle-mystery-movie-

The Dyatlov Pass Incident 2013 mystery movie

The Dyatlov Pass Incident 2013

American students try to retrace the steps of famous Dyatlov expedition. -the-dyatlov-pass-incident-

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