Mystery movies about mysterious reality

We all from time to time sink into mysterious reality when we dream, we we drink too much or use drugs. Nevertheless the mysterious reality is often used element in mystery movies.

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Lost 2004 mystery movie

Lost 2004

Survivors of cross-Pacific flight end up on seemingly diserted island, but soon they discover that jungle around them is filled with strange and mysterious phenomena.

Mirage 1965 mystery movie

Mirage 1965

Man suffering from amnesia can’t make out what is going on around him. All he knows is that he can be in danger.

10 Cloverfield Lane 2016 mystery movie

10 Cloverfield Lane 2016

Young girls drives down a rural road, when accident knock her unconscious. When she wakes up she is handcuffed to a metal pipe and a large man enters the room to tell her that he saved her life.

The Final Countdown 1980 mystery movie

The Final Countdown 1980

American aircraft carrier suddenly moves back in time to the point where they can change the history of World War 2.

A Pure Formality 1994 mystery movie

A Pure Formality 1994

Famous writer is taken to police station for routine questioning, but his story doesn’t seem to sum up.

The Black Box 2005 mystery movie

The Black Box 2005

Man recovers from coma to find that he has been talking under anesthesia, but the words he was saying make no sense, except that he might be in trouble.

Passengers 2008 mystery movie

Passengers 2008

After the airplane crash young psychologist takes care of the survivors, but their version of events seems different from the official.

Apollo 18 2011 mystery movie

Apollo 18 2011

Strange thing begin to happen around Apollo 18 landing unit when it reaches the surface of the Moon. The crew begins to suspect they are not alone here...

Donnie Darko 2001 mystery movie

Donnie Darko 2001

Troubled teenager is visited by the strange character dressed in a bunny costume that tells him the world will end in 28 days. Under his influence he begins to change and act strangely.

Don’t Look Back 2009 mystery movie

Don’t Look Back 2009

Living with husband and 2 children in Paris Jeanne begins to notice the changes in her house - from misplaced items to whole rooms different from what they should look like, but at some points she stops to recognize her own face.

Devil 2010 mystery movie

Devil 2010

Five people trapped in the elevator are in mortal danger when devil begins to operate.

Can you solve this 50 years old unsolved case?

Can you solve this mystery?
Can you solve this 50 years old unsolved case?

20 found

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