Mystery movies about police investigation

Police investigations are more and more complicated with the evolution of mankind - in the history all they could have used were magnifying glasses and their instincts, now they have a lot of tools to point the guilty man.

Memories of Murder 2003 mystery movie

Memories of Murder 2003

Serial killer operates in the Korean province of Gyunggi - the local police isn’t ready to deal with what they will discover. Based on a true story. -memories-of-murder-

JFK 1991 mystery movie

JFK 1991

Based on a true story of investigation in the case of John F. Kennedy assassination. -jfk-

Cracker 1993 mystery movie

Cracker 1993

Dr Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald has one special skill - he can get into the criminal mind, which makes him invaluable for the police. -cracker-

Seven 1995 mystery movie

Seven 1995

Two police detectives begin the investigation into gruesome murders. -seven-

Zodiac 2007 mystery movie

Zodiac 2007

Based on a true story of serial killer that attacked people around the San Francisco Bay in 1960s. -zodiac-

I as in Icarus 1979 mystery movie

I as in Icarus 1979

Fictitious story strangely resembling the investigation in JFK assassination. And for a reason. -i-comme-icare-

Jack the Ripper 1988 mystery movie

Jack the Ripper 1988

Based on real events of investigation in famous case of serial killer Jack the Ripper. -jack-the-ripper-

Investigation 1997 mystery movie

Investigation 1997

The series of strange events makes the Scotland Yard inspector believe that dead bodies may come alive again. -investigation-

Inside Man 2006 mystery movie

Inside Man 2006

Bank heist takes strange turns one after another - police officers are buffled. -inside-man-

Guilty 2015 mystery movie

Guilty 2015

When 14-year-old girl is found dead in her bed the missing servant becomes a prime suspect. When is found dead as well the parents of the girl are in the spotlight of media. -talvar-guilty-crime-movie-

Citizen X 1995 mystery movie

Citizen X 1995

True story of of Soviet first and most terrifying serial killers - Andrei Chikatilo. -citizen-x-

Under Suspicion 2000 mystery movie

Under Suspicion 2000

Influential lawyer pops down to police station to answer few routine questions, but suddenly from witness he changes into prime suspect in the murder case. -under-suspicion-

Black Coal, Thin Ice 2014 mystery movie

Black Coal, Thin Ice 2014

In 1999 dismembered body of coal worker is found scattered on different coal depots. Detective Zhang finds a suspect, who is killed in shoot-out. Five years later similar victim is found. -black-coal-thin-ice-

The Wicker Man 1973 mystery movie

The Wicker Man 1973

Sergeant Howie travels to secluded Scottish island to investigate the case of young girl disappearance and finds the locals claim that she never existed. -the-wicker-man-

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three 1974 mystery movie

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three 1974

Perfect crime plan goes almost perfect - four men take over the New York City train and demand ransom. -the-taking-of-pelham-one-two-three-

Whitechapel 2009 mystery movie

Whitechapel 2009

120 years after the killings of Jack the Ripper someone is copying his murders. -whitechapel-

Shutter Island 2010 mystery movie

Shutter Island 2010

Two US Marshals have to find the murderess that escaped from the mental institution, but one of them is haunted by his past. -shutter-island-

Ransom 1974 mystery movie

Ransom 1974

Hijacked airplane lands in one of Scandinavian countries, where the story takes strange twists. -ransom-

The Crimson Rivers 2000 mystery movie

The Crimson Rivers 2000

Two detectives invetigate the strange events around small exclusive university. -the-crimson-rivers-

State of Play 2009 mystery movie

State of Play 2009

Veteran investigative journalist, while following the story of shot pizza delivery boy, stumbles upon a bigger story, which involves congressman Collins, who is a friend of his. -state-of-play-

The Body 2012 mystery movie

The Body 2012

When a body disappears from the morgue police begins one odd investigation with the only witness in coma and a husband who is hiding something. -el-cuerpo-

The Keeper of Lost Causes 2013 mystery movie

The Keeper of Lost Causes 2013

Police officer is sent to archive section where he is suppose to simply review the cold cases, but he just can’t help getting involved. -kvinden-i-buret-

The Treatment 2014 mystery movie

The Treatment 2014

Police detective feels guilty about the disappearance of his younger brother when he was a kid. Now the prime suspect in that case gets out of prison and strange events took place in the area. -de-behandeling-treatment-

Blood Relatives 1978 mystery movie

Blood Relatives 1978

In the rainy night teenage girl covered in blood turns up on the police station saying that her sister has just been killed. -blood-relatives-

Quiet Is the Night 1978 mystery movie

Quiet Is the Night 1978

Police commissioner takes over the serial child killer case, but his teenage son, trying to impress him, begins his investigation. -wsrod-nocnej-ciszy-

Under Suspicion 1981 mystery movie

Under Suspicion 1981

On New Year’s Eve influential lawyer, suspect in child murder case, is asked to come down to station for some routine enquires, but nothing will be routine that night. -garde-a-vue-

The Right to Remain Silent 1996 mystery movie

The Right to Remain Silent 1996

Young police offices starts the duty and on the first night faces cases that only on the surface seem to be simple. -the-right-to-remain-silent-

Crime Scenes 2000 mystery movie

Crime Scenes 2000

When young girl disappears two detectives start the investigation that will lead them on a trace of serial killer. -scenes-de-crimes-

Horsemen 2009 mystery movie

Horsemen 2009

Recently widowed police detective faces a serial killer, who uses the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as inspiration. -horsemen-

Now You See Me 2013 mystery movie

Now You See Me 2013

Group of illusionists under the influence of mysterious leader commit a perfect crime - the steal money from a bank that is thousands miles away while being live on the stage. -now-you-see-me-

Jeziorak 2014 mystery movie

Jeziorak 2014

Pregnant police woman begins the investigation into murder of young girl found in the boat in the middle of a lake. Meanwhile her boyfriend, also a police officer, disappears while on duty. -jeziorak-mystery-movie-

Elevator to the Gallows 1958 mystery movie

Elevator to the Gallows 1958

Florence and Julien come up with plan how to get away with murder of her husband, a wealthy businessman. Their plan seems to be perfect, but then fate gets involved. -elevator-to-the-gallows-ascenseur-pour-lechafaud-

Golden Wheel 1971 mystery movie

Golden Wheel 1971

Investigation in the case of young boy’s death leads the police from one mystery to another. -zlote-kolo-

The Gorgon Case 1977 mystery movie

The Gorgon Case 1977

Most famous Polish murder case of 1930 - young girl is brutally murdered and her stepmother is the prime suspect. -sprawa-gorgonowej-

A Pure Formality 1994 mystery movie

A Pure Formality 1994

Famous writer is taken to police station for routine questioning, but his story doesn’t seem to sum up. -a-pure-formality-

Cure 1997 mystery movie

Cure 1997

Detective is assigned to strange murder case - different people killed someone in exactly the same way and none of them remember why. -cure-

Nightwatch 1997 mystery movie

Nightwatch 1997

Law student takes on job as night watchman in morgue when victims of serial killer are brought. Soon he becomes the prime suspect. -nightwatch-

Gothika 2003 mystery movie

Gothika 2003

After mysterious event on the road psychiatrist wakes up in her own institution locked up as a patient suspected for murdering her husband. -gothika-

Unknown 2006 mystery movie

Unknown 2006

Five men wake up in a locked-down warehouse not knowing who they are and how they got here. Slowly they reveal the parts of mystery. -unknown-2006-film-

Fear of Water 2011 mystery movie

Fear of Water 2011

Small town policeman gets his first ever murder case - the 18-year-old daughter of the mayor has been raped and killed. -fear-of-water-la-peur-de-leau-

Big Bad Wolves 2013 mystery movie

Big Bad Wolves 2013

Police detective is convinced that his main suspect is guilty of murdering young girls, but there is no way to prove it. He decides to take justice in his hands. -big-bad-wolves-

The Disappearing Illusionist 2015 mystery movie

The Disappearing Illusionist 2015

German illusionist travels through Norway while performing in small hotels. He arrives to Grong in rural part of the country when local girl, Maria, disappears. -the-disappearing-illusionist-

A Cop 1972 mystery movie

A Cop 1972

Four men rob a bank on the Atlantic coast of France. Cynical policeman Coleman sets out to track them down and arrest them. -a-cop-

Murder by Decree 1979 mystery movie

Murder by Decree 1979

Sherlock Holmes gets involved in the Jack the Ripper investigation. -murder-by-decree-

A Murder on Shadow Mountain 1999 mystery movie

A Murder on Shadow Mountain 1999

Barbara is shocked when her husband is arrested for murder from his past. She tries to find the truth. -a-murder-on-shadow-mountain-

Hot Fuzz 2007 mystery movie

Hot Fuzz 2007

London policeman Nicholas Angel is transferred to a small village of Sandford, where his special skills will be wasted on petty thief cases or jaywalking. Unless there is some hidden agenda in Sandford. -hot-fuzz-crime-comedy-

The Silence 2010 mystery movie

The Silence 2010

Former police detective learns about a crime very similar to case he worked on 20 years earlier and is convinced they are linked, but to prove it he needs to start a private investigation. -the-silence-das-letzte-schweigen-

Anxious People 2021 mystery movie

Anxious People 2021

Bank robbery in small Swedish town goes wrong and the robber ends up in hostage situation and then... he just vanishes. -anxious-people-

The Dominici Affair 1973 mystery movie

The Dominici Affair 1973

When British scientist is found shot on the roadside in France the police is anxious to close the case as quickly as possible. -the-dominici-affair-

Devil 2010 mystery movie

Devil 2010

Five people trapped in the elevator are in mortal danger when devil begins to operate. -devil-

R.I.F. 2011 mystery movie

R.I.F. 2011

When policeman’s wife goes missing in the rural area of France he is determined to find her. -rif-

The Last Ride 1963 mystery movie

The Last Ride 1963

When his shift-driver turns up dead in the remote place, the taxi driver Henryk becomes a suspect. -ostatni-kurs-

Frenzy 1972 mystery movie

Frenzy 1972

When his ex-wife is found dead Richard Blaney becomes prime suspect in the serial killer investigation. -frenzy-

The Unspoken Truth 1995 mystery movie

The Unspoken Truth 1995

Young woman involved in shooting other man is sent to prison, but her family is convinced that she is innocent. -the-unspoken-truth-

U Turn 2016 mystery movie

U Turn 2016

Young reporter follows a story of people, who remove the blocks separating two lanes on the flyover to make a U turn and avoid traffic, which causes later accidents and death of other people. -u-turn-indian-film-

From Hell 2001 mystery movie

From Hell 2001

Loosely based on the real investigation in Jack the Ripper case. -from-hell-

Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse 2004 mystery movie

Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse 2004

Two police detectives has to team up to solve the mysterious events surrounding the monastery near the French-German border. -crimson-rivers-2-angels-of-the-apocalypse-

Jane Doe 2005 mystery movie

Jane Doe 2005

Cathy Davis is typical housewife taking care of house anf family. But sometimes she also has to take care of the criminals. -jane-doe-

Empire of the Wolves 2005 mystery movie

Empire of the Wolves 2005

Young woman begins to suspect that her husband isn’t who she thought he is or... that she doesn’t know who she is herself. -empire-of-the-wolves-

The Black Dahlia 2006 mystery movie

The Black Dahlia 2006

Theory behind the infamous and unsolved case of Black Dahlia. -the-black-dahlia-

A Life Interrupted 2007 mystery movie

A Life Interrupted 2007

Case of Debbie Smith, a rape victim, that changed the use of DNA testing in investigations. -a-life-interrupted-

The Hypnotist 2012 mystery movie

The Hypnotist 2012

When the whole family is killed police only hope is a young boy, who is in the coma. They request help of a hypnotist. -the-hypnotist-

The Thomas Crown Affair 1968 mystery movie

The Thomas Crown Affair 1968

Eccentric millionaire gets involved in the perfect crime plot just for the thrill of it. -the-thomas-crown-affair-

The Town That Dreaded Sundown 1976 mystery movie

The Town That Dreaded Sundown 1976

Based on a true story of Texarkana killings - masked murderer attacks young couples. -the-town-that-dreaded-sundown-

Evilenko 2004 mystery movie

Evilenko 2004

Loosely based on a hunt for Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo. -evilenko-

Man from Reno 2014 mystery movie

Man from Reno 2014

Japanese female author arrives to San Francisco and starts to date a mysterious man from Reno. When he disappears she thinks she is followed. -man-from-reno-

Ocean’s Twelve 2004 mystery movie

Ocean’s Twelve 2004

Terry Benedict did not forgot what Ocean’s team has done - they robbed his casinos, so now he’s going to get them. He tracks down each member of the team and demands his money back with interest. -oceans-twelve-

Murders in Rouen 2014 mystery movie

Murders in Rouen 2014

Captain Didier Mege returns to his hometown Rouen and takes over the investigation - body of a man was found next to Rouen Catherdral with strange piece of stained glass next to him. -murders-in-rouen-

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