Mystery movies about psychological thriller

Psychological thriller is a genre of movies, where the tension between characters, the mind games and the uncertainty what is in human mind is often more important than the events itself.

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Cracker 1993 mystery movie

Cracker 1993

Dr Edward "Fitz" Fitzgerald has one special skill - he can get into the criminal mind, which makes him invaluable for the police.

Seven 1995 mystery movie

Seven 1995

Two police detectives begin the investigation into gruesome murders.

Investigation 1997 mystery movie

Investigation 1997

The series of strange events makes the Scotland Yard inspector believe that dead bodies may come alive again.

Under Suspicion 2000 mystery movie

Under Suspicion 2000

Influential lawyer pops down to police station to answer few routine questions, but suddenly from witness he changes into prime suspect in the murder case.

Shutter Island 2010 mystery movie

Shutter Island 2010

Two US Marshals have to find the murderess that escaped from the mental institution, but one of them is haunted by his past.

Deathtrap 1982 mystery movie

Deathtrap 1982

Renown playwright that couldn’t come up with a good story in years suddenly receives a letter containing brilliant new play from amateur author.

Frailty 2001 mystery movie

Frailty 2001

FBI agent gets the chance to catch the killer he was hunting for years, but the things he has to learn might be too hard to take.

Saw 2004 mystery movie

Saw 2004

Two men wake up in strange room with dead body between them. Soon they discover they are part of deadly game.

Thin Ice 2011 mystery movie

Thin Ice 2011

Dishonest insurance salesman gets involved in the plot to earn some money quick, but ends up with a dead body.

Hysteria 1965 mystery movie

Hysteria 1965

American, who lost memory in car accident tries to find out what happened to him and who payed for his treatment. His only clue is a photo of young woman torn from the newspaper.

Blood Relatives 1978 mystery movie

Blood Relatives 1978

In the rainy night teenage girl covered in blood turns up on the police station saying that her sister has just been killed.

Can you solve this 60 years old cold case?

Can you solve this cold case?
Can you solve this 60 years old cold case?

31 found

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