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Chase Vault of Barbados

The Chase Vault is a burial vault in the cemetery of the Christ Church in Oistins, Barbados best known for a widespread legend of "mysterious moving coffins". According to the story in 19th century each time the heavily-sealed vault was opened for burial of a family member, all of the lead coffins that were inside had changed position since last time.

 - Chase Vault of Barbados

The story was first published in 1833 in James Edward Alexander’s Transatlantic Sketches. According to Alexander, Mrs. Goddard was buried in the vault in 1807, followed in 1808 by Ann Maria Chase, and in 1812 by Dorcas Chase. When the vault was opened in late 1812 for the burial of Thomas Chase, the caskets of the Chase girls were said to be found "in a confused state, having been apparently tossed from their places". Alexander wrote that when the vault was later opened "to receive the body of another infant, the four coffins, all of lead, all very heavy, were much disturbed" and that similar disturbances were found when opening the vault for burials in 1816 and 1819.

Unfortunately there are no records in burial register of Christ Church or local newspapers that could confirm the events and there is only one first-hand account - from Nathan Lucas, who claimed to be present at the opening of the vault in April of 1820. But all of this leads to conclusion that the story of Chase Vault is just a myth.

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