Beast of Gevaudan

Wolf-like creature (or creatures) that terrorized the French province of Gevaudan in 18th century. Over 100 people were killed by the Beast of Gevaudan, but still we have no idea what the beast was.

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Events connected to Beast of Gevaudan

Beast of Gevaudan

First attacks of the beast

The first recorded attack of the Beast of Gevaudan took place in early summer of 1764 - young woman, who was tending cattle in the Mercoire forest near Langogne, saw the beast coming at her. However the bulls in the herd charged the beast keeping it at distance and after the beast made second attemp...

Beast of Gevaudan

Intervention of the king

In February 1765 king Louis XV sent two professional wolf-hunters to Gevaudan with the task of killing the beast that was terrorizing the province. Over the next four months the pair hunted for Eurasian wolves believing them to be the beast. However as the attacks continued, they were replaced in...

Beast of Gevaudan

The beast is killed

The person, who finally killed the beast was a local hunter named Jean Chastel. He is said to have slain the beast at the Sogne d’Auvers on 19 June 1770. But there are doubts surrounding his account of events. He claimed that, while being part of a large hunting party, he sat down to read the Bibl...

Beast of Gevaudan facts

The beast - Beast of Gevaudan

The beast

In 18th century France the rumours about the beast spread very fast - some believed that this was just a wolf attacking people, others saw the devil himself punishing people for their sins. With time and each victim the legend grew and grew - the descriptions of the beast started to change from larg...

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