Yeti - legendary snowman

The Yeti is a legendary ape-like creature that supposedly lives in the high regions of the Himalayas. The first stories about meetings with yeti emerged when Europeans arrived in Tibet, but locals were repeating legends about the creature for centuries.

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Yeti - legendary snowman facts

Yeti - legendary snowman

First sighting

First sighting described by European took place in 1832, when British scholar James Prinsep described in his "Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal" account of his experience in Nepal. His guides spotted a tall, bipedal creature covered with long dark hair that was running away in panic. Hodgson ...

Yeti footprints - Yeti - legendary snowman

Yeti footprints

In 1899 British explorer Laurence Waddell in his book "Among the Himalayas" described large footprints seen on the snow, assuming they were left by a bear. His guide explained to him that a large apelike creature has left the prints and stories of bipedal apelike creatures were repeated by Tibetans...

Pangboche Yeti scalp - Yeti - legendary snowman

Pangboche Yeti scalp

In 1954 Daily Mail organized expedition to Nepal that was analyzing the legend of yeti. The researchers stumbled upon an object that is allegedly Yeti scalp in the Pangboche monastery. The hair were black to dark brown in colour in dim light, and fox red in sunlight. The hair was analyzed by profess...

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