Monster of Florence

One of the most famous serial killer cases in Europe - the unknown assailant attacked the couples in parked cars around the beautiful city of Florence. Between 1968 and 1985 16 people were killed, 4 people were sent to jail practically without any evidence and still, the case is a complete mystery for the police. This case made the creators of 2001 film "Hannibal" to place the plot in Florence.

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Events connected to Monster of Florence

Monster of Florence

Il Mostro

The Monster of Florence, in Italy known as Il Mostro, attacked for the first time on 21 August 1968 in Lastra a Signa, a small town to the west of Florence. The victims were two lovers, 29-year-old Antonio Lo Bianco and 32-year-old Barbara Locci, who were found shot to death with a .22 Beretta pisto...

Monster of Florence

The Monster is born

Six years after the Stefano Mele was arrested, on 14 September 1974 police received call that another couple was found dead in Borgo San Lorenzo. 18-year-old Stefania Pettini and 19-year-old Pasquale Gentilcore were found dead in a parked car. Gentilcore was half-naked in the drivers seat of a Fiat ...

Monster of Florence

Serial killer investigation

On 19 June 1982 the killer struck again near Montespertoli - 22-year-old Paolo Mainardi and his girlfriend 20-year-old Antonella Migliorini, were making love in a parked car near the roadway, when someone appeared out of the bushes and began shooting. Both were struck by the bullets and Antonella di...

Monster of Florence

The killer stops

The killer waited almost a year since murder of German tourists before striking again. On 29 July 1984 21-year-old Claudio Stefanacci and 18-year-old Pia Gilda Rontini were killed in Vicchio di Mugello in a parked car. Stefanacci was found on the backseat of his car wearing only underpants and a ves...

Monster of Florence facts

Monster of Florence

The facts and theories

The investigators noticed some elements that were similar in the murders - the killer usually attacked on Saturdays, the victims often spent their last evening on the discotheque, he preferred to attack in total darkness, especially moonless nights. At the beginning the fact that he was going throug...

Monster of Florence theories

Monster of Florence

Stefano Mele and accomplice

Stefano Mele was arrested as first suspect when police believed the murder of Mele’s wife to be nothing more than a domestic problem. When it became obvious that during his time of incarceration other people were killed in same manner and using the same gun the police did not remove Mele from thei...

Monster of Florence

The lone psychopath

The basic theory is that Monster of Florence was a lone psychopath, who preyed on the young couples while they were having sex in the cars. Very little evidence exist about the killer, but there were testimonies about lone driver rushing away from the crime scene. The killings are very similar to th...

Monster of Florence

The Pacciani gang

Pietro Pacciani, Mario Vanni, Giovanni Faggi and Giancarlo Lotti were the killers as a part of some ritual satanic cult. Facts that are supporting the theory: - Pacciani killed in the past, although it was murder of passion and he assaulted male victim, while Monster of Florence was ...

Monster of Florence

A team of psychopaths

One of the theories was that there was more than one killer behind the murders. There were in history such teams of psychopaths (like Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo or Ian Brady and Myra Hindley). Facts that are supporting the theory: - there were small inconsistencies between mutila...

Monster of Florence

The ritual killings

The ritual killings it always the easiest way out of the difficult investigation like in case of Monster of Florence - we can’t find the logic behind the killings because it’s some sort of mystic ritual. We can’t find the suspects or leads because they are guarded by secret organization. We ca...

Monster of Florence

The wealthy patrons

The latest lead in the case was that large group of wealthy patrons was behind the murders. Very unlikely as it seems we have to consider that option. Facts that are supporting the theory: - death of Pacciani was suspicious and thus it might suggest there was someone behind him, who d...

Monster of Florence

A killer doctor

Few elements of the case suggest that killer might have been liked some way to the medical profession. Unfortunately those elements are merely assumptions and not evidence. Facts that are supporting the theory: - killer did not leave fingerprints, thus he might have been using surgica...

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