Lake Bodom murders

On June 5th, 1960, four Finnish teenagers were attacked by an unknown assailant as they were camping next to Lake Bodom in southern Finland. The attack left three of the teenagers dead and a fourth injured, but since the perpetrator was never found, quite few theories arose around that crime.

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Events connected to Lake Bodom murders

Lake Bodom murders

The attack

On Saturday, June 4th 1960, four Finnish teenagers had decided to camp on the shore of Lake Bodom in southern Finland. Two girls, Maila Irmeli Björklund and Anja Tuulikki Mäki, were both 15 at the time, were accompanied by their boyfriends, Seppo Antero Boisman and Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, both 18...

Lake Bodom murders facts

The crime scene - Lake Bodom murders

The crime scene

The police did not secure the area surrounding crime scene, which lead to evidence being destroyed. To make things worse soldiers were brought to help search the area, which lead to discovery of some evidence, but it is hard to determine how many evidence were destroyed at the same time (footprints,...

Lake Bodom murders

The items

One of the early discoveries pushed police investigation into treating robbery as possible motive - the wallets of the victims were taken by the killer, but also the keys to their motors. While wallets could suggest robbery, the keys on the other hand were rather a red herring, especially since the ...

People connected with Lake Bodom murders

Lake Bodom murders

Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson

In 2004, about 44 years since murders, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, the sole survivor of the attack, was put on trial when more modern technology was used to re-test the evidence. This was quite a surprise, especially so long since the crime was committed. What was the evidence that lead to this? The sh...

Lake Bodom murders

Hans Assmann

Hans Assmann was German citizen living in Finland near Lake Bodom. There are many theories surrounding him, from one that assumes he used to be a Luftwaffe pilot or guard in Auschwitz concentration camp during the war, to one that assumes he was a KGB agent operating in Finland. Not to mention that ...

Lake Bodom murders

Valdemar Gyllström

Valdemar Gyllström, also called Kioskman, was running a kiosk in nearby Oittaa village. Gyllström became suspect in Lake Bodom murders because of his reputation of dislike for tourists visiting the area, especially young people camping close to Oittaa. In past he had violent outbursts (although th...

Lake Bodom murders theories

Lake Bodom murders

The Kioskman

Valdemar Gyllström, the Kioskman, was one of the major suspects. He was known for his dislike towards tourists visiting Lake Bodom, he was verbally abusive towards them, threw rocks at their tents or cutting ropse so the tents would collapse. The theory was that Gyllström finally snapped or the te...

Lake Bodom murders

The spy

Hans Assmann, German citizen leaving not far away, was linked to this case, although more by his reputation than the facts. Since he supposedly used different names travelling abroad, he supposedly was guard in Auschwitz concentration camp, he was supposedly involved in death of a teenager in 1953, ...

Lake Bodom murders

The survivor

The sole survivor, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, although acquitted by court in 2005 trial, remains on of the suspects in this case. Even 44 years later few details in this case just seem very strange about what happened that night and was Gustafsson just victim or something more? Facts that are suppo...

Lake Bodom murders

The unknown killer

While conducting search of the terrain Finnish police also closed the roads around lake and started to check the people in the area. In that process they stopped over 80 people that were running away from the law (for various reasons). Although among them they found no one that would fit the descrip...

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