Crime stories & great mysteries is a website about great crime and mystery stories. Here you'll find most puzzling crime mysteries, gretest mysteries of history, some of the interesting conspiracy theories and unexplained phenomena. Of course some of them might be hoaxes, some of them might have a trivial explanation, but it is always a fun to stumble upon a puzzle or mystery that still needs to be solved.

Crime stories

Murder of JonBenet Ramsey mystery

Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey, a lovely girl that in very young age started to take part in beauty pageants. When she was six she found murdered in the basement of her family home, just few hours...

Monster of Florence mystery

Monster of Florence

One of the most famous serial killer cases in Europe - the unknown assailant attacked the couples in parked cars around the beautiful city of Florence. Between 1968 and 1985 16 people were killed...

Great mysteries

Disappearance of Flight MH 370 mystery

Disappearance of Flight MH 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and was heading for Beijing. About 40 minutes later, just when it was leaving the Kuala Lumpur air traffic control area and before...

Easter Island mystery

Easter Island

Rapa Nui, the Easter Island, still hides many mysteries - from origins of its inhabitants to rongorongo script and famous moai statues.

Roanoke colony mystery

Roanoke colony

The Roanoke colony was one of the first British settlements in the North America. When the ships returned in 1590 the colony was deserted with word "Croatoan" carved in the post of...

Conspiracy theories

Glenn Miller disappearance mystery

Glenn Miller disappearance

Glenn Miller was one of the most recognizable band leaders in the swing era, his music is still admired today. On the peak of his career he decided to join the World War 2 effort and...

Pearl Harbor attack mystery

Pearl Harbor attack

Attack on the Pearl Harbor dragged United States into the World War 2. It was the last straw that left Americans no choice but to joins the Allies and declare war on Japan. At least that what it seems...

Smolensk air crash mystery

Smolensk air crash

During a trip to annual ceremonies marking the anniversary of the Katyn Massacre (when during the World War II over 20,000 Polish officers, previously kept captive, were killed by NKVD...

Unexplained phenomena

High Rock event mystery

High Rock event

In June 1966 four boys went on the top of High Rock (Wysoki Kamien) in Poland, where they wanted to see if the rumours of this place being haunted were truth. What happened to them...

Beast of Gevaudan mystery

Beast of Gevaudan

Wolf-like creature (or creatures) that terrorized the French province of Gevaudan in 18th century. Over 100 people were killed by the Beast of Gevaudan, but still we have no idea what the beast was.

Ghost stories mystery

Ghost stories

Ghost stories are part of human culture - even in the Dark Ages our predecessors believed that we’re not actually dying when our body dies. The spirit, the soul or some other form...

Crime and mystery movies

Red Lights 2012 mystery movie

Red Lights 2012

World-famous psychic Simon Silver plans his great comeback, university academic Margaret Matheson who debunks everything paranormal wants to bring him down as a fraud.

Radius 2017 mystery movie

Radius 2017

After car crash man regains consciousness, but is unable to recall who he is. When he tries to get any help people around seem to die instantly and without visible cause.

Archangel  2005 mystery movie

Archangel 2005

English historian during a conference in Moscow stumbles upon a mystery from the past, a mystery so important for today Russia that someone is ready to kill so it would remain a secret.

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