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High Rock event theories

High Rock event

In June 1966 four boys went on the top of High Rock (Wysoki Kamien) in Poland, where they wanted to see if the rumours of this place being haunted were truth. What happened to them on that night is still a mystery and part of the local legends.

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Events connected to High Rock event

High Rock event

The 1966 event

On 16 June 1966 four youngsters living locally decided to spend the night at the top of High Rock to see if any of the stories about the place being haunted were truth. They actually prepared quite well for the trip - they have read the a lot of literature about spiritist and familiarized themselves...

High Rock event


Morning police and the locals started the search for the missing two. For a week they looking in the woods and area around the mountain, but there were no signs of the boys. But here the strange part of the story begins - the surviving two were plagued by nightmares, they were afraid to enter the fo...

High Rock event facts

High Rock event

The High Rock

Wysoki Kamien (literally High Rock) is a 1058 meters high mountain in southern Poland, to be exact in Bardzkie Mountains, that are part of the Sudetes near the border with Czech Republic and Germany. Before World War 2 this area was part of Germany and hence the mountain was called Der Hohe Stein (H...

High Rock event theories

High Rock event

Urban legend

The easiest explanation of the event is... that it never took place at all. Although it is good story, there isn’t much evidence to work on. Facts that are supporting the theory: - there are no official records of the event, - there are no articles in local newspapers in 1966 abo...

High Rock event comments

It sounds completely like an urban legend. As I was reading I was thinking exactly what is written here: What are the names of the boys? Was there a police report? What happened to the families of the boys? NONE of that is reported, for some odd reason. I recall another urban legend years ago that several students at the University of Chicago had followed the instructions in the Bible to build a new Ark of the Covenant, but it turned out to be "too powerful" and so they destroyed it. Yeah RIGHT! The names of the students should have been easily verified, as well as the class that they were building this "New Ark of the Covenant" yet NOTHING ever came up to verify it.
Doc Rocker (18-06-2018 03:03:28)

sounds bogus to me
bogus (29-01-2017 10:21:58)

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