Mary Celeste

In 1872, in the middle of the Atlantic, the ship Marie Celeste was found abandoned by the crew. The ship was undamaged, there were no signs of any kind of violence on board, and the crew members were never found.

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Mary Celeste facts

The mysterious voyage - Mary Celeste

The mysterious voyage

On November 5, 1872, the American merchant brigantine Mary Celeste under command of Captain Briggs docked in New York City and took on board a cargo of 1701 barrels of commercial alcohol and then set sail from Staten Island for Genoa, Italy. On board there were 8 crewmembers and 2 passengers. The...

Mary Celeste theories

Mary Celeste

Pirates attack

One of the obvious explanations for the mysterious disappearance of entire crew was the act of piracy. Facts that are supporting the theory: - none of the people aboard was ever seen again, - ship was going through the area where Otoman pirates used to operate. /lista Facts tha...

Mary Celeste


Mutiny is another rather obvious explanation for what happened on board of Mary Celeste if crew would try to get rid of tyrannical captain Briggs. Facts that are supporting the theory: - all the ship papers were taken except captain’s logbook and the lifeboat was missing, which could ...

Mary Celeste

Premature abandonment

The theory of premature abandonment of the ship is often called the most reasonable - if captain Briggs was convinced that the ship would go down soon and order the crew to abandon the ship, later to discover the ship sail on without crew on board. Facts that are supporting the theory: -...

Mary Celeste

Natural phenomena

Natural phenomena is often mentioned by different authors as possible explanation of the Mary Celeste mystery - some events had occurred outside the ship and captain decided that it would be best to abandon the ship. Displaced iceberg or severe waterspout are given as examples of such natural phenom...

Mary Celeste

Dangerous cargo

Dangerous cargo is sometimes given as one of the explanations why crew have abandoned Mary Celeste - among other products there were barrels with alcohol that might have sprung a leak, the alcohol caught fire that seemed more dangerous than really was and thus the crew left the ship prematurely. Whe...

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