Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is region in Northern Atlantic between eastern coast of United States and Bermuda Islands, where some unexplained events took place since 15th century. The Bermuda Triangle is most famous for what happened just after World War 2 when several planes disappeared within 2 days and still no trace was found of any of them.

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Events connected to Bermuda Triangle

Disappearance of USS Cyclops - Bermuda Triangle

Disappearance of USS Cyclops

USS Cyclops was a Proteus-class collier built for the United States Navy in 1910. On 20 February 1918 Cyclops entered Bahia in Brazil and on 22 February left for Baltimore, Maryland carrying the manganese ore. The ship was possibly overloaded and on route the problems with engine started. This cause...

Wreck of Carroll A. Deering - Bermuda Triangle

Wreck of Carroll A. Deering

Carroll A. Deering was a five-masted commercial schooner that was found abandoned and run aground off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on 31 January 1921. A lot of elements made the story of Carroll A. Deering similar to famous Mary Celeste case, f.e. all the navigation equipment was gone, so the capta...

Bermuda Triangle

Flight 19 vanishes

Flight 19 was a training flight of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers (with 14 airmen) that disappeared on December 5, 1945, most probably while flying over the Atlantic. The squadron’s flight plan was scheduled to take them due east from Fort Lauderdale for 141 miles, north for 73 miles, and then b...

Disappearance of PBM-5 - Bermuda Triangle

Disappearance of PBM-5

When Flight 19 was reported missing several ships and planes were sent to search for the Avengers. Two PBM-5 Mariner flying boats were about to start their training flights, but instead they were diverted to join the search for Flight 19. One of them, PBM-5 with serial number BuNo 59225, took off ab...

Star Tiger disappearance - Bermuda Triangle

Star Tiger disappearance

On 30 January 1948 Avro Tudor IV passenger aircraft owned by British South American Airways (BSAA) took off from Azores and headed to Bermuda with 6 crew and 25 passengers. But this particular plane, named Star Tiger, never reached Bermuda islands. One hour before the estimated landing time the crew...

Bermuda Triangle theories

Is there Bermuda Triangle? - Bermuda Triangle

Is there Bermuda Triangle?

The basic explanation for Bermuda Triangle is... that there isn’t such place as Bermuda Triangle. Some theories suggest that the number or the nature of the disappearances and events that take place in the Bermuda Triangle are exactly the same as in other areas of the oceans. According to some sou...

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