Morning police and the locals started the search for the missing two. For a week they looking in the woods and area around the mountain, but there were no signs of the boys. But here the strange part of the story begins - the surviving two were plagued by nightmares, they were afraid to enter the forest. They said that in their dream a demon named Aargaroth visited them and that they had to watch the scene of death of the missing boys. Eight days after the night of horror one of the survivor disappeared without a trace and two day later the last one also disappeared.

To this day there isn’t any reliable source of information what exactly happened during that night, there is no explanation what happened to the two boys that did not return from the forest and not trace of the other two that went missing few days later. Since 1966 there were 6 cases (8 cases according to different sources) of missing persons in the area, usually forest rangers, always soon after visiting High Rock. Also the search for the Aargaroth proved fruitless - there was no such demon in any local legends (Slavonic nor German), but similar name Angrbotha was mentioned in Scandinavian mythology - it was a goddess of predicting death.

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