Cure (1997, Japan)

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Cure  1997 mystery movie

Running time: 110 minutes

Language: Japanese

Detective Takabe is assigned to investigation into series of strange murders that took place in Tokio. The only thing that links the murders is wound on their throat in shape of letter X. Soon they learn that each crime was commited by different person and that this person doesn’t recall why he or she did it. Soon strange man with who has no memory becomes their suspect.

Dark and gruesome mystery movie that mixed the gloomy atmosphere and atrange events to produce very entertaining film. In second part the movie loses some of the pace and and direction, but still the atmosphere keeps it going.

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Our rating

6.8 / 10

Movie value

7 / 10

Realism factor

4 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Story complexity

3 / 5

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Watch Cure

watch Cure

Creators of Cure

Kiyoshi Kurosawa films

Kiyoshi Kurosawa


Kiyoshi Kurosawa films

Kiyoshi Kurosawa


Cast of Cure

Koji Yakusho films

Koji Yakusho

as Detective Kenichi Takabe

Masato Hagiwara films

Masato Hagiwara

as Kunio Mamiya

Tsuyoshi Ujiki films

Tsuyoshi Ujiki

as Makoto Sakuma

Anna Nakagawa films

Anna Nakagawa

as Fumie Takabe

Yoriko Doguchi films

Yoriko Doguchi

as Dr. Akiko Miyajima

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