Mystery movies about mysterious death

Just like mysterious disappearances there are mysterious deaths - not only the identity of murderer could be mystery, but also identity of the victim and circumstances or even the way someone was killed. But usually the biggest mystery is why...

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The Name of the Rose 1986 mystery movie

The Name of the Rose 1986

When monks in 14th century abbey die in mysterious ways Franciscan friar William of Baskerville tries to uncover the truth behind it.

Dead Mountain 2020 mystery movie

Dead Mountain 2020

In 1959 KGB Major Oleg Kostin is sent to Sverdlovsk in Ural Mountains to investigate the death of group of students that went on a ski hike into the wilderness.

Jonathan Creek 1997 mystery movie

Jonathan Creek 1997

Jonathan Creek works for illusionist, but he uses his knowledge also to solve the mysterious cases such as murders or disappearances.

The Crimson Rivers 2000 mystery movie

The Crimson Rivers 2000

Two detectives invetigate the strange events around small exclusive university.

Blood Relatives 1978 mystery movie

Blood Relatives 1978

In the rainy night teenage girl covered in blood turns up on the police station saying that her sister has just been killed.

Horsemen 2009 mystery movie

Horsemen 2009

Recently widowed police detective faces a serial killer, who uses the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as inspiration.

The Ghost Train 1941 mystery movie

The Ghost Train 1941

In stormy night 8 passengers are left on the train station in the middle of Cornwall. The story that the place is haunted isn’t helping them to relax.

Golden Wheel 1971 mystery movie

Golden Wheel 1971

Investigation in the case of young boy’s death leads the police from one mystery to another.

Cure 1997 mystery movie

Cure 1997

Detective is assigned to strange murder case - different people killed someone in exactly the same way and none of them remember why.

Like Minds 2006 mystery movie

Like Minds 2006

Psychologist is sent to check if the brilliant student of boarding school is guilty of killing his schoolmate.

The Ghost Writer 2010 mystery movie

The Ghost Writer 2010

New ghostwriter hired to write former Prime Minister memoirs discovers not everything is what it seems.

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