Jonathan Creek (1997, United Kingdom)

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Jonathan Creek  1997 mystery movie

Running time: 1980 minutes

Language: English

Jonathan Creek works as creative consultant for illusionist Adam Klaus, he is the little elf that develops devices and tricks that pretty much are the whole show. But with "help" of a journalist, Maddie Magellan, he finds himself tangled in a completely different kind of work, where his analytic skills might be very useful - he helps her solving the seemingly unsolvable mysteries. Someone vanished into the thin air? Someone was killed in a locked room? There was a crime that does not make any sense? Jonathan is your man to solve it.

The idea for the series was quite original - most of the times Jonathan Creek uses his skills as a designer for illusionist to unveil how something was done, instead of finding who has done it (although in some cases he had to do it as well). And this idea worked brilliantly, at least until series 4 when Maddie was replaced with Carla Borrego. Even though Maddie Magellan was not a perfect sidekick for Jonathan, there was very little chemistry between him and Carla, change of the setting from journalist chasing after mysterious stories to TV studio behind a crime show did not worked well. The chemistry was gone, the mysteries became more and more trivial.

Unfortunately further series only deepened the show problems - new sidekicks, new situations, less interesting cases. Which was a shame, because the original idea worked extremely well for the first 3 seasons. Especially the last season, where Jonathan is a middle-aged man working 9 to 5 and living in a small village was the final nail in the coffin for Jonathan Creek series.

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Our rating

8 / 10

Movie value

8 / 10

Realism factor

3 / 5

Adventure factor

3 / 5

Story complexity

5 / 5


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Jonathan Creek 1997 mystery movieJonathan Creek 1997 mystery movie

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Creators of Jonathan Creek

David Renwick films


Cast of Jonathan Creek

Alan Davies films

Alan Davies

as Jonathan Creek

Caroline Quentin films

Caroline Quentin

as Maddie Magellan

Stuart Milligan films

Stuart Milligan

as Adam Klaus

Julia Sawalha films

Julia Sawalha

as Carla Borrego

Geoffrey McGivern films

Geoffrey McGivern

as Barry Opper

Adrian Edmondson films

Adrian Edmondson

as Brendan Baxter

Jonathan Creek 1997 mystery movie